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Make Your Business Green and Sustainable

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Companies and businesses all over the world have already joined the initiative to use renewable energy in various stages of production and manufacturing. It is beneficial to the environment, could lower utility bills, attract more customers and earn companies tax incentives. However, bringing energy saving solutions to companies and communities isn’t that easy. But green franchise opportunities are now available so businesses can earn sustainability certifications. If you’re unsure of which form of renewable energy to try first, here’s a quick look at the most popular ones:

Biomass Energy

Of the seven known types of renewable energy sources, biomass is the most popular one. It uses organic materials and converts them into a usable form of energy. Biomass is a clean fuel and uses natural biological processes such as agriculture or decomposition to produce energy.

Bioethanol is produced by the fermentation of carbohydrates in crops like sugar or starch. Biodiesel comes from oils or fats and is commonly used in place of gas in vehicles which have been adjusted or modified to run on them. This is clean and affordable energy that can power appliances or vehicles.

Solar Energy

This is now the most popular source of alternative energy. Photovoltaic cells absorb light, which later convert it into electrons. This conversion creates a clean form of energy. This early on produced only a small quantity of energy, but now solar cells could efficiently harvest and store this energy for use in cars, appliances, and machines. It is also inexpensive as many homeowners and companies could install these solar cells at an affordable cost.

Wind Energy

Besides solar power and biomass, wind power is also gaining ground as another source of energy. It uses windmills to generate pressure for water pumps and other industrial processes. Research has been conducted on wind energy since the 19th century but it gained ground in recent decades because of new technology. Wind power is reliable, steady, and does not require downtime.

Renewable energy is becoming a serious option for those who are keen to protect the environment for future generations.

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