Business Financing With Merchant Cash Advance: Blursoft to Fintegra

Business Financing With Merchant Cash Advance: Blursoft to Fintegra

ByPete KingJul 20, 2023

Business financing is not an easy stage, especially for small companies. When you’re starting a business, what options do you have to get capital going? You’ve got the conventional bank loans; then there are the modern options of bootstrapping, crowdfunding…

A cookie mascot in a yellow background

The Keebler Elf: An Iconic Brand Mascot Changes

ByPatty LindseyMay 26, 2022

A mascot is crucial to branding. The person, animal or object represents a company, making it more understandable, recognizable and relatable. The right mascot not only represents a business and what it stands for, but it also has the power…

soap packaging

How Boxed Package Goods Boost Your Business

ByPete KingApr 28, 2022

Online stores are making a killing because more people are shopping on the internet. With 69 percent of people buying online and 300 million expected to do so by 2023, e-commerce businesses earn $1,804 per shopper. What does all of…

brown and white paper bags

Tubed or Bagged Packaged Goods: What’s the Best for Food?

ByPatty LindseyApr 8, 2022

Packaging is a crucial part of your sales plan. It allows your products to stand out, giving consumers a reason to choose you over others. One of the more preferred packaging in recent years has been the bagged kind. Most…


eBay Cancel Order: How to Do It as a Seller or a Buyer

ByPete KingFeb 26, 2022

Cancellation is a regular part of transactions on any online selling platform, including eBay. Buyers and sellers on eBay can cancel orders as long as both parties mutually agree to do so. Sellers can cancel transactions up to 30 days…

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