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A Strategic Way to Maximise Well-being and Productivity

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Though workplaces of the past have always focused on productivity and minimising distractions for their employees, modern offices have a much more balanced approach to interior design. Workplaces today are as much about promoting the well-being of employees as they are about encouraging productivity.

Focus on providing a complete work ecosystem, where innovation and collaboration takes centre stage, is increasingly common. Offices in Paya Lebar Quarter, for example, connect to a 340,000 sq ft shopping mall and three residential towers. This interconnectivity allows professionals to seamlessly transition from work, to leisure, to rest.

This trend is quickly becoming the norm as more companies see the benefits of promoting well-being at the workplace.

Health and Well-being

Companies that wish to attract and retain talent need to actively find ways to promote employee well-being and engagement. These days, it is no longer enough to simply provide desks – the workplace has to be a seen as a strategic enabler.

So how do you become a strategic enabler?

Staff health and working conditions should always be part of your office layout and design. Make improvements in air quality, temperature and comfort, which all contribute to the well-being of your employees. For example, instead of using fluorescent light, use natural light where possible as it helps people feel happier, healthier and more productive. The addition of live office plants and green walls also helps filter the air and boost the overall mood.

A Culture of Agility

Young professionals of today value a culture of agility. They want to feel empowered to work, with a fluid workspace that allows them to flex their creative muscles. Long hours spent doing repetitive tasks is actually counterproductive, as it makes them feel stagnant and stifled.

Flexibility, along with leisure features, do wonders for employee engagement and encourages them to remain productive and happy. Help your staff to develop their career and enjoy a better work-life balance.

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