5 Easy Ways to Pimp Your Truck

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Toyota truckWhen Back to the Future debuted in cinemas in 1985, it quickly made the DeLorean DMC-12 a pop culture icon. However, there was another automobile in the movie that also gained a sizeable following: the Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab pickup.

The SR5 is what main protagonist Marty McFly wished he had, and what he would end up driving at the film’s finish. With its off-road suspension, TRD wheels, tubular front and rear bumpers, and lots of KC HiLites lighting, Marty’s truck was as cool as can be. Of course, LED Equipped noted that current LED tow truck light bars can give those KCs a run for their money.

Even today, among truck enthusiasts, the Toyota SR5 continues to be the standard by which others are ranged against when it comes to being cool and awesome. If you’re going to upgrade your truck so it stands out from the crowd, here are some invaluable tips that can help.

One note of caution: Don’t overdo modifications and/or accessorizing, much less spend a lot customizing your truck. Remember that there are ways to pimp your ride without breaking the bank.

Tip #1: Think of how you want your truck to look

Make sure you have a clear idea of how you want your truck to look. Do you want it to be like Marty’s SR5 or something that personifies you? It can be as simple as installing lift kits that raise both the front and end of the truck to give it a more aggressive look or going the opposite direction by reducing the leaf springs and using shorter coil springs at the front for a low-rider effect.

Tip #2: Two words: Mud flaps

The best way to personalize your truck is to add mud flaps that you yourself have made from a thick rubber mat. Use your creativity, and then add stickers. Don’t worry if you end up with big mud flaps. It’s actually better if you go bigger.

Tip #3: Let there be light

Did you know that LED tow truck light bars are as functional as they are decorative? Yes, they are a tremendous help at night when helping to retrieve a stranded or disabled vehicle, but they also look good and complement the appearance of any truck. Be sure to get one for your vehicle.

Tip #4: Give your truck its stripes

Literally, that is, by purchasing self-adhesive striping kits that come in colorful and artistic designs like death’s head and flames. They are easily installed on your car and give it that distinctive look. If you have the budget, you can get your truck a custom paint job.

Tip #5: Go all black

Nothing says cool like the color black. If you want your truck to be like Marty’s SR5, then go all black too, as it’s one of the coolest ways to customize your car.

With your truck all dressed up and cruising down the avenue, don’t be surprised if you see several stares in your direction that would remind you of how Marty looked when he saw that Toyota SR5.

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