Women in Focus: 3 New Year’s Resolutions and How to Achieve Them

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new year's resolutionAs the world ushered in 2018, many people, especially women, had already prepared their clichéd New Year’s resolution lists for sure. But clichés aside, resolutions do help people—if they commit to them—focus on improving certain aspects of their lives.

Below are three general resolutions women can build on for this year:

Set new career goals.

While you may already be satisfied with your career, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to move up the corporate ladder. Request a promotion if you feel you deserve it. Conversely, for those unhappy with their jobs, consider applying at another company or shifting to a different field. You can also read women’s business magazines to learn more about how you can start your own business venture.

Live well and healthy.

Eating right, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and quitting harmful vices are the paths to a healthy life. More than these, however, is having the right attitude toward life. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts and let go of grudges.

Also, try to find time to do what makes you happy—be it gardening, riding a bike, or writing sonnets, etc. And of course, smile. It’s easy and free, so do it as often as you can.

Strengthen relationship bonds.

Whether it’s with your family, significant other, friends or co-workers, don’t take your relationships for granted and instead make the extra effort to show you care. You can start by becoming a better communicator—learn when to speak and when to listen. Be honest and open while still being respectful and mindful of passing judgment. Appreciate even the simple things they do for you and strive to return the favor.

Resolutions come and go like the passing of years. The most important thing to remember is they are only as good as a person’s will and commitment.

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