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Things to Discuss with Your Tabletop Chain Conveyor Manufacturer

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Whether you are still a beginner in the packaging industry or already have a handful of systems in your business, investigating the right automated packaging equipment is a good idea for you to fully assess your service and maintenance needs. Business growth may start from the basic task of choosing the right equipment for the company’s operations and processes. Hence, it is important that as a business owner, you take some time to focus on this particular task. Before you purchase anything from a supplier, you should ask yourself and your manufacturer some questions. Here are some basic inquiries that will help you with your search for the right supplier:

Are operator training programs provided?

Overall, machine operators need to be trained with all the aspects of a machine maintenance program. They need to be geared with the right cursory training as far as setting up, machine calibration, and operation are concerned. The more in-depth training programs the operators have, the better they are at handling practically all the common maintenance issues that befall electrical and mechanical components. It is better if the supplier can provide operator training for the workers in your company who are going to use the equipment. You can save on training and development costs, and you are sure that your workers will be able to handle the equipment properly and efficiently.

Are recommendations for spare parts provided?

Packaging machines have electrical and mechanical parts. At some point, these parts are expected to wear out. The right tabletop chain conveyor manufacturer must provide you with a list of the spare parts of the machine upon your purchase. These parts have to be clearly classified as to how many times they need to be replaced. If the manufacturer cannot provide you with this list, then you should think twice before buying any equipment from them. Serious problems will arise in the future if you cannot find the needed spare parts for your machines.

Is remote support available?

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Today, most packaging equipment manufacturers are easily accessible remotely. In fact, about 90% of the most common problems are quickly resolved with just a few phone calls. The right manufacturer should have a suitable phone support. Do not choose a manufacturer that always have busy lines or cannot answer your questions clearly and directly.

Who are the service technicians?

In-house or outsourced? This is specifically important. Although outsourced service technicians can still do the job, it is ideal to go for those with in-house service teams. They are the ones who are highly-trained and are more adept in dealing even with the most particular machine model and brand. Do not forget to find out who will call you in once some machines malfunction. The service technicians who are going to fix your equipment should be efficient enough so that they do not cause any delay in your operations.

Before you consider investing in a packaging machine, it is vital that you understand the maintenance and service programs that the manufacturer offers. Do your own research, narrow down your options, and find the one that best suits your needs.

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