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Running a Small Business: Knowing When to Grow

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For many first-time entrepreneurs, running a small but successful operation seems satisfying enough. They feel content to continue to maintain the business as it is, for fear of greater risk. But becoming complacent may be detrimental; hence, the question is: why should you consider expansion?

Fears of Growth

For a newbie in the world of business, expansion may seem too risky; you’d need to put a lot of resources on the line. Expanding would often mean taking out a business loan for your spa, parlor or salon. You would need to hire more personnel, obtain additional equipment, increase marketing coverage, and possibly even renovate your workplace. Expanding would also demand more time from the owner as he adjusts to the additional responsibilities and deals with the new challenges.

Think on the following if you’re considering expansion:

The Danger of Rejection

The risks of expansion may be frightening, but a business often finds no other option but to expand. Perhaps your clientele continues to grow, or you find a demand for something new to keep customers coming. Without a change, your business may cease to attract patrons, but making changes without appropriate planning could also cost you your existing clientele.

Adapting to Competition

Along with the demands of the market, the presence of competitors could also require you to adjust. As competitors attempt to set themselves apart from one another, innovative ideas become a norm in the industry, forcing companies to make changes despite the risk. Many businesses will risk becoming obsolete among their clientele if they fail to keep up with (or get ahead of) the trend.

Help is Available

You might still be hesitant about pushing through with that expansion, especially if you’re worried about finances. Fortunately, some lending institutions are willing to help small businesses achieve their full potential.

As customers’ demands grow and change, so must your business. Stay open to the possibility of changes and expansion in your company to keep your clients happy.

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