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5 Things to Look for on a Roof When Buying a Home

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You can’t afford to put down that deposit before you carefully inspect your prospective home’s roof. The roof may appear to be in excellent condition but remember looks can be deceptive.

Here are five things to look for on a roof on a house you’re considering.

Know how old the roof is

Most experts from roofing companies here in Maryland agree that a typical rooftop has a lifespan of between 20 to 25 years. But how long a roof lasts depends on the quality of the materials, quality of installation and maintenance.

Poor quality shingles and a poor installation may mean you have to replace the roof much sooner. Ask the house seller how old the roof is before you begin a more thorough inspection.

Roof ventilation system

A ventilation system allows sunlight and air to come in. Poor ventilation can cause a roof to sag and crumble. Ventilation problems can also encourage mold growth. So no matter how shiny a rooftop looks, trouble is looming if the roof lacks an appropriate ventilation mechanism.

Check for breaks and leaks

The problem areas are the valleys, plumbing vents, and chimneys. Make sure a roofing professional inspect the roof for leaks before you commit to buying the house.

Canals and seepage system

The canals and seepage system can give you an idea of the condition of a rooftop. Let an expert get up on the roof and confirm that downspouts, gutters, and drainage pipes are in good shape.

Check the shingles

Cracked or missing shingles are a sign that a roof could be failing. Curled or buckling shingles could also indicate that a roof is defective. Make sure the shingle tabs are intact.

Replacing roofs is a costly business. Before you set foot inside a prospective house, check out what is happening on the rooftop. If the seller has inspected before putting the home on the market, kindly ask to review the report. Also, make sure that a roofing expert examines the roof for you.

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