Al fresco dining by the beach

Real Al Fresco Dining is in the Country

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People tend to think about the typical when talking about al fresco dining. The pizzerias around Rome, cafés in Paris, food trucks in New York and the sidewalk restaurants in Mediterranean countries. They are beautiful, but what good is a restaurant that offers outdoor dining without scenic outdoor sights to match?

You cannot really say that Rome or Paris is not worth a look for they are ancient, magnificent cities. Such places, however, tend to be overcrowded. As a result, you lose the serenity that comes with al fresco dining, reducing the full experience of your meal.

To the Country We Go

In the country, you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the clear blue sky and marvel at the freshness of every food. It’s where al fresco dining combines the beauty of nature with the quality of farm-grown produce. The Berry Farm in Margaret River, for instance, features a café wherein diners sit amid a garden setting and enjoy a seasonal menu, including freshly baked desserts and tarts with fresh fruits.

Other places in the country also provide access to magnificent views. Imagine a quiet lunch against a backdrop of breathtaking mountains.

The ‘Secret’ Spots for Chefs

Chefs, however, have a different take on outdoor dining. A report by The Guardian shows that chefs like al fresco in the untrodden path.

Angela Hartnett believes she’s found a version of the English Riviera in Brixham, eating at a fish market. Neil Rankin and Russell Norman, both restaurant owners, go to the backstreets of London to find their piece of peace in London. Jay Rayner, a restaurant critic, found Gaelic culinary heaven in a remodelled fisherman’s shack, in Scotland no less.

Al fresco dining makes every meal more enjoyable. If you want serenity and magnificent views, head to the country. If you prefer unique, unusual spots, explore your city.

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