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Green Your Car with a New Fuel Filter

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Diesel was once thought of as a cleaner alternative to petrol but has produced more toxic pollution and become a health crisis. Diesel particulate filters can help reduce emissions to make diesel cars more eco-friendly.

In the 1990s America decided to fund research into hybrid and electric vehicles, while other countries around the world put their faith in diesel fuel, supposing it to be cleaner than petrol.  Unfortunately, the opposite turned out to be true.

Diesel fuel contains carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, as well as soot. In addition to its large contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, it has a significant negative health impact.

The Health Effects of Diesel

Heart attacks can be induced by breathing in diesel fumes. The amount of time spent sitting in traffic queues being exposed to fumes correlated to the number of admissions to hospital for heart attacks.

The fuel also has pulmonary effects, triggering the release of histamine and resulting in allergic conjunctivitis, laryngitis and chronic cough. It can increase the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia and may worsen symptoms in people with asthma.

Despite this, diesel cars have surged in popularity in Australia, making up almost 20% of the car market in 2015. This is concerning, especially in light of Volkswagen’s revelations that they rigged emissions tests of 500,000 of their diesel cars worldwide to enable them to sell the heavily polluting vehicles.

Diesel Particulate Filters are One Solution

Diesel particulate filters can reduce particle emissions by up to 80% by limiting the amount of soot that is passed into the atmosphere.  The soot is collected in a container and then burnt off when the driver travels faster (for example, on motorways).  Most types of diesel since 2009 have to be fitted with a filter, but it should be replaced after a certain mileage (depending on the make of car).  Replacement will improve the performance of the car, protect the function of the engine and give the vehicle better fuel economy, as well as help guard against particulates.

For a Ford Ranger diesel filter or filtration for any heavy duty-vehicle, call to get your car kitted out.

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