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How Millennials are Shaking Up the Job Market

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Lazy, irresponsible, directionless: These things come to mind when older generations hear the word “millennial.” Who can blame them? The “Me, me, me” Generation, which comprises the largest age group today, just keeps on changing the world and not necessarily for the better.


Millennials’ career choices set them far apart from other generations – except in this case, more of them opt to start their own businesses. Millennials “may be the most entrepreneurial generation ever.

Whether it’s a coffee shop, computer repair franchise, or small restaurant, they are starting up all kinds of small businesses. Furthermore, they’re putting up businesses at a much younger age than people are from other generations.

This shouldn’t be taken at face value. While it’s much easier to put up small businesses (what with the recent startup boom), a lot of these small businesses fail. It might be a better idea to evaluate these ventures as the years go by.

Engagement matters

Millennial applying for a jobOn a workplace level, millennials are also changing the status quo. They seek jobs that offer diversity, competition, and fun activities. The change in priorities in younger workers caused a drastic shift in workplace cultures.

For instance, younger workers consider fun to be more important than their salary. If you said that back in 1987, you would raise a lot of eyebrows.

According to Western Michigan University, millennials value creativity, independence, and self-expression, while older generations place emphasis on stability, pragmatism, and respect for authority.

As millennials steadily increase in the workforce, we can expect the American workplace culture to change even more. We’re starting to see that now with the rise of digital media and the increasing demand for engaging marketing practices.

We can expect the business landscape to become more and more dynamic, ushering in a new era with innovative enterprises and a fresh take on workplace cultures.

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