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How to Use Video Content in your Corporate Event

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Video content is an excellent way to pique people’s attention and retain their interest. From testimonials to demos for your products, video content that’s relevant to your business is among the most effective tools to get your message across. Read on to learn how you could use video content during a corporate event without spending your entire marketing budget.

Consider Live-Streaming your Event

Not all people you invited could attend your event even if they wanted to; consider giving them the next best thing and offer them the chance to experience your event through a live stream, suggests an experienced event producer who also provides affordable event production equipment and AV rentals in Washington DC. He also suggests that you could record your live stream, edit it afterward, and send them out to critical attendees as a remembrance later.

Install an Interesting Video and Photo Booth

These social media booths are interactive tools of event technology that quickly gets people’s attention and naturally urges your attendees to promote your brand and event. The key is to create an eye-catching, unusual, unique, and humorous booth that fosters interaction. Likewise, this booth is a subtle way to feature your brand and incorporate hashtags without appearing too aggressive.

Create Vlogs (Video Logs)

People will watch content that they can’t just see anywhere else. Consider showing interviews of your speakers before the start of your event to introduce them and give them a peek at what’s to come. Don’t forget to promote your vlogs on social media so that other people can easily share them as well.

Reuse your Existing Content

You don’t necessarily have to create new video and photo content to promote your upcoming event. Bring out your photos and videos from years past and use the highlights to offer potential attendees a glimpse of what they could expect when they attend this year. These would likewise help remind past guests of their experiences from your recent events and encourage them to come to your upcoming event.

A word of caution though; not all people are keen on being photographed or shot so ask first before you shoot and snap. Additionally, do let your guests know that their photos or videos might be used in your upcoming promo materials. Other than that, whatever you decide to, be creative, have fun, and remember that the goal is to promote your brand, so be professional.

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