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Fast Food Manager Real Talk: In-N-Out & McDonald’s Manager Salary, Work Hours, Etc.

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Today’s economy may be rapidly changing but one thing is for sure: the fast-food business is forever.

Despite COVID-19 shutting down many businesses, the fast-food industry still stands as many people on the go (whether they are reporting to the office or working from home) are still in need of quality food available at affordable prices.

As more people depend on fast food services, more fast food restaurants are bound to open (if not, expand). And those restaurants need good managers. You could be that person.

Whether you’re interested in trying out a manager position or are dreaming of being a McDonald’s manager, you have questions: the salary, benefits of becoming a manager, demands of the job and more.

So before you grab that McDonald’s or In-N-Out application, here’s everything you need to know about each fast food restaurant manager’s salary, benefits and more based from two of the country’s top fast-food restaurants.

Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food Managers (Per Restaurant)

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McDonald’s Manager: Salary, Job Description and Perks

If you ask “What is the highest paying job at McDonald’s?” The answer you’ll probably get is manager, especially the senior manager.

For starters, the McDonald’s manager’s salary is $43,999 per year, according to Glassdoor. McDonald’s store manager salaries can range from $14,000 to $373,400 annually. According to Glassdoor, these numbers are estimated from 145 McDonald’s store manager salary reports provided by employees. If you are a senior manager, you can make $141,000 per year!

Apart from the base salary, McDonald’s managers also benefit from the additional pay average of $4,000. Other financial perks include the following bonuses (all listed down as averages):

  • Stock bonus: $4,715
  • Cash bonus: $3,541
  • Commission sharing: $8,000
  • Profit sharing: $3,400
  • Tips: $5,400

A McDonald’s manager’s salary can also vary depending on the state. For example, a McDonald’s restaurant manager in New York can make $50,900 per year. That’s approximately $24 per hour. According to the Zip Recruiter, McDonald’s managers based in New York rank sixth out of 50 states in terms of McDonald’s manager salaries.

In terms of cities in New York, Manhattan is one of the highest paying cities for McDonald’s managers ($58, 896 per year). Manhattan also enjoys an active McDonald’s restaurant manager market since many companies are currently hiring for this position. New York City and Queens rank second and third respectively.

Raises and Other Benefits

McDonald’s managers enjoy more than a good salary. The world-renowned fast food chain cares for its employees and managers by providing important employee benefits like disability coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, prescription drug plans, life insurance, holiday pays, educational assistance and medical insurance.

In addition to these benefits, McDonald’s managers also benefit from complimentary uniforms, flexible scheduling and either free or discounted meals.

What are the Work Schedules of McDonald’s Managers?

Mickey D managers must work on weekends and holidays. These days are usually the busiest days for the fast-food chain. Some stores make more money on Sundays and Saturdays compared to the rest of the week. If you’re not a big fan of working late shifts or weekends, re-consider your interest in the position. Some stores operate 24/7, which means you might end up working 4 AM to 2 PM for a week and on another schedule for the next week.

In-N-Out Manager: Salary, Job Description and Perks

In N Out restaurant
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If you’re aspiring to earn a six-digit salary, flipping burgers may be at the bottom of your list. But In-N-Out is out here to prove you wrong. Did you know that an In-N-Out manager can earn a salary worth $160,000 (on average)?

How Much Do In-N-Out Managers Get Paid?

The average In-N-Out manager can make an annual salary of $89,199. The average salary range of In-N-Out managers is from $56,000 to $225,000 per year. If you factor in the bonuses, you can earn a total pay of $142,000 per year.

In-N-Out outpaces other fast-food chains when it comes to paying their employees. A simple worker can start at $13/hour, which is $2 above the minimum wage (in the state of California). If an In-N-Out employee is promoted to manager, they can work their way up and achieve the $160,000 salary — even if they don’t have a college degree. Basically, no matter what In-N-Out jobs you apply for, with enough courage and determination plus patience, you CAN earn the six-figure salary. Also, confidence is key!

How Can You Become an In-n-Out Manager?

The journey to earning the astounding In-N-Out manager salary begins with filling up an In-N-Out application form. Every aspiring store manager begins as an hourly-wage worker who eventually receives a promotion. Getting your foot in the application door, however, can be tricky since most applicants need a referral from a current employee to score an interview.

Once you become part of the team, the path to becoming a manager can either be a slow one or a fast-forward one. Either way, you’ll receive one of the highest

What are the Perks of Being an In-N-Out Manager?

In-N-Out managers don’t just enjoy a good salary; they also enjoy surprising yet substantial perks. For example, managers receive health plans and retirement accounts, as well as three weeks of vacation annually (this is a perk available for managers who have worked more than six years). Other perks include tickets to sporting events and bonuses (especially if you help with the opening of a new In-N-Out location.

One of the best perks that come with being an In-N-Out manager (apart from the salary) is the free trips abroad. Managers who met their goals were rewarded with all-expense-paid trips abroad. In most cases, they can take their spouses with them to enjoy their European trips. The best part: FIRST CLASS! Stories from employees confirmed that In-N-Out managers didn’t just enjoy great salaries, they were sent to see the different parts of the world in the best ways possible.

How Is The Work Environment at In-N-Out?

Not everyone at In-N-Out may be earning a manager’s salary just yet, but the 500+ reviews from current and former employees tell a clear story about the brand’s environment. In terms of workplace issues like compensation, culture, training, engagement and work-life balance, a majority of In-N-Out employees gave their company a four out of five stars rating.

Simply put, success at In-N-Out means climbing up the Animal Style-covered lather but you’ll have fun doing it. The employees and managers themselves confirm it. As a result, In-N-Out won the Employee’s Choice Award from Glassdoor in 2016.

Working Conditions

An In-N-Out manager may have a good salary but the company does make you work for your money. So if you’re interested in the position, consider your strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, can you stand on your feet for a long time? Fast food restaurant managers require physical, emotional and mental stamina since you’ll be dealing with customers and employees. If an employee calls in sick, you’ll pick up some of the tasks. This could mean working for hours without a break time. If a customer is not satisfied with their meal, you’ll have to deal with that, too.

If you’re working the grill, you could get burned. If you have to man the drive-thru, you have weather conditions to battle. No matter where you are, you’ll always be on your feet. But every good-paying job requires more effort! So if you have enough patience and determination, you should be fine.

What are the Benefits of Being a Fast Food Restaurant Manager?

First, you have many opportunities for growth. It’s not just the immediate financial perks that come with a fast-food restaurant manager’s salary. The fast-food industry develops and boosts careers with personalized training, tools and support to help employees achieve their career goals.

The fast-food industry has a built-in support network that encourages internal promotions. Also, team members gain the opportunity to pursue a defined path that leads to a satisfying career.

Also, when you’re a fast food manager, you’re not stuck at a desk all day. You are always on your feet solving logistics problems, training employees or taking deliveries of supplies and products. All of these tasks cause the days to fly by but all of them happen within a structured and positive work environment.

Many fast-food employees and managers describe their team as extensions of their families. Due to the hectic schedules shared by everyone, the staff forms a close-knit relationship that spills from one shift to another. Together, the team enjoys serving customers while supporting each other in the process.

The food business isn’t going away soon, especially fast foods like McDonald’s and In-N-Out. In fact, as long as there are people who want good burgers at affordable prices, there are always McDonald’s and In-N-Out jobs out there. So, if you want a managerial job, a fast food restaurant manager’s salary doesn’t look too shabby. If you work harder, you could be earning six digits sooner than you think!

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