So You Want to Change Your Reddit Username. Can You?

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Ranked as the seventh most visited website in the United States, Reddit has 1.31 billion visits, desktop shares of 856.14 million and mobile shares of 452.65 million. So, if you want to make the most out of social media, add Reddit to your to-do list. Start with a memorable username.

“But I already have Reddit,” you might say. “And I have a username. But I want to change it.”

Like any website you sign in to, it’s natural to want to change your username and Reddit is no exception. You may end up feeling remorse over your choice of the display name. And while your Twitter and Instagram handles can be changed on a whim, it seems like Reddit doesn’t allow you to change your username easilyor does it? Can you easily change it like you change your eBay username?

Does Reddit Choose Your Username? Why Would You Want to Change It?

Reddit does not force upon or assign you a username. Like most social media platforms, it suggests you available ones when you sign up. So you have control over your username.

Now, why would you want to change your username on Reddit?

The reasons are plenty. One of the most common reasons is that usernames get old. For example, if your username is based on a trending topic, your username can lose relevance once the topic no longer trends.

Another reason is user misrepresentation. If you created an account when you were a teen, you might have a username that sounds funny yet immature. Now that you’re older, you might be embarrassed with your Reddit username.

Finally, you may have a non-appropriate username that you’d want to change. So, here you are, hoping Reddit will allow you to change your username. But will the social media platform allow you?

Can You Change Your Reddit Username?

Hopefully, you haven’t done much on Reddit with your username because it doesn’t allow you to change your username. Reddit doesn’t even allow users to make corrections to their usernames. You can only choose one username that you can use forever.

Why Can’t You Change Your Reddit Username?

Reddit has its reasons. The most common include:

  • To keep your account discussions and history live. If you are active in any subreddit, other Reddit users will read your posts or comments if your username is familiar. Even if you delete your Reddit account, they’ll remain on subreddits.
  • To stop the misuse of Reddit usernames. To keep Reddit secure, the website allows only one username. This prevents hackers and scammers to open multiple accounts.
  • To maintain community standards. To prevent other users from abusing a deleted username.

If you want to change your username on Reddit, you have to create a new account with a new name.

But before you do, here are some things you must know about Reddit’s policies with regards to changing your username:

  • You can’t delete your Reddit username. It’s here to stay forever.
  • You can change your display name but not your username. The display name is the name that appears to the general public.
  • If you delete your account, it doesn’t remove old comments and posts.
  • If you forget your username, you can still retrieve it.

How to Change Your Reddit Username

If you really need to change your Reddit username, you need to make an account from scratch and delete your old one. If you don’t want to delete your account, you can change your display name. The last option would be to retrieve your username.

Change Your Reddit Username

Fortunately, creating a new Reddit account is simple. All you have to do is go to and click on “Sign Up.”

Changing Your Reddit Username from a Laptop

If you are changing your Reddit username from a desktop or laptop, you have three options:

  • Email address. Register by typing in any email address.
  • Apple ID: Click “Continue with Apple ID” to register a new Reddit account via your Apple ID. Wait for a new window to pop up so you can enter your credentials.
  • Google account. Click on “Continue with Google” and enter your password and email address.

Changing Your Reddit Username from a Mobile

  • To change your Reddit username via your phone, open the app and click the “Sign-Up” button.
  • Enter all the necessary details: username, email address and password. Take a minute to check your new username.
  • Create your new account.

Change Your Display Name

If you’re concerned with your public persona on Reddit, you might have to change your display name only. But how would you know if you have a display name in the first place?

If you created your Reddit account a long time ago, you might not have a display name. So, when you’re interacting with posts, you might see your username. To find out if you have a display name, check your profile. The display name can be seen under your profile icon. If you only see your username with the /u, you don’t have a display name yet.

To modify your display name on Reddit:

Changing Your Display Name from A Laptop/Desktop

  • Sign in to your Reddit account.
  • Access your settings. Click on the drop-down menu and choose “User settings.”
  • From the “Account” tab, go to the “Profile” tab and look for the “Display name. Click this and enter a new profile name.

 Changing Your Display Name from a Mobile Phone

  • Sign in to your Reddit account.
  • Access your profile by tapping on your profile icon.
  • To edit your profile, check the right side of your screen for the “Edit” button.
  • Click on that to change your display name.

For both mobile phones and laptops/desktops, the changes are always immediate. You’ll be interacting on threads with your new display name.

Retrieve Your Username

If you forget your username on Reddit, you may be considering changing it. Fortunately, you don’t have to change your display name or create a new account. All you have to do is recover your username.

To retrieve your Reddit username, you need to use a desktop computer or a laptop. The mobile version will only allow you to change your password, not retrieve your username.

  • When you sign in, select “Forgot Username.” A pop-up window will open.
  • Enter your email so you can receive your username in your inbox.
  • Save your recovered username for future reference.

How Many Times Can You Change Your Reddit Username?

As mentioned, you can’t change your Reddit username but you can have several Reddit accounts. If you are attached to the threads in your old account, you can keep it. But if you want a fresh start with a new username, create a new account.

What Makes a Good Reddit Display Name or Username?

If you’ve decided to change your display name or create a new account with a new username, put some thought in your new name ahead of time. Apart from gaining easy recognition in the community, an evergreen display name/username ensures you don’t have to make another Reddit account or change your display name.

For the sake of safety and confidentiality, avoid using your first and last name for your username or display name. Also, avoid names that will “grow old.” For example, as much as you want to name it after your dog, you may not want the username in the future.

Instead, go for a username or a display name that is short but creative. For display names, keep it at two to four syllables. Also, avoid using underscores and dashes since it increases your risk for errors. If you want to remain consistent, use your Snapchat display name or Twitter handle.

Changing Your Reddit Username: FAQs

Can I Change My Reddit Username Without Deleting My Account?

You can’t change your username. However, you can change your current display name. If you don’t have one, make one. After all, your display name is for public use. If this is enough, you don’t have to delete your account.

How Can I Delete My Reddit Username?

To delete your current username, you have to deactivate your account. However, this includes erasing all of your saved data and browsing history. You can delete your account via a laptop or desktop or your mobile gadgets.

Once you delete your account, no one can use it in the future.

The Bottom Line: You Can’t Change Your Username, But There Are Other Ways

Your username is your persona on Reddit — whether you’re just a fan page or a small business improving their online reach.

Since you can’t change your username on Reddit, there are different approaches to take. The easiest one is to add or modify your display name. In future comments and posts, this will be your new persona and identity on the website.

If, however, you’re done with your current username, you’ll have to deactivate your account and make a new one. Keep in mind that when you delete your account, you won’t be able to retrieve it or the data later. So, give it some good thought. But if you’re sure and want to enjoy a fresh start on Reddit, go and make a new account!

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