Hardwood Flooring: What’s The Proper Way to Maintain Them?

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The key to long-lasting hardwood floors lies on how well you maintain them. Regular cleaning is the most basic and essential step when you have wooden floors. Unlike other types of flooring, hardwood floors require special care to prevent damages. The specialists at Pioneer Hardwood Flooring INC list the following tips to help you complete the task with ease:

Dust the Surface Every Day

Use a microfiber mop or cloth to thoroughly remove dirt and other allergens that may be on the floor. Microfiber materials are safer as they prevent scratches on surfaces. Avoid brooms as their rough bristles could damage the floor.

Mop it Once or Twice a Month

Aside from dusting, be sure to mop your floors once or twice a month. Use special cleaners meant for hardwood as regular cleaners may damage your floor or cause discoloration. Make sure you don’t leave behind any water or cleaners as they could dull the floor’s shine.

Inspect the Wood Monthly

Do a monthly check on your floor’s overall structure including its surface and seal to determine if there’s any need for repairs. It’s best to address the issue as early as possible to avoid expensive replacement costs later on. Making sure there aren’t any damages allows you to rest assured you won’t have loose flooring or creaking floorboards. If you do find damages, contact experts in hardwood floor repair in Provo.

Polish the Floor Quarterly

Most wood-based floors have a polyurethane coating. To preserve its finish, polishing it every two or three months is necessary. This buffs away any scratches and evens out the surface of your floor. Just be sure to use the right polisher and solution to prevent damaging the flooring instead.

Avoid major troubles with your hardwood floors by keeping these maintenance steps in mind. Clean and check them regularly for a safer and more attractive home.

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