Easy Ways to Find Cheap Accommodation in London

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If you intend to stay in London for a long time, but you are on a tight budget, consider these helpful tips from LHA London. These should help you find a cheap accommodation that will allow you to enjoy your stay in the city while keeping the contents of your wallet intact.

Look for Hostels

Do not subscribe to the unwarranted belief that only millennials can stay in hostels. They have a good reason for staying in hostels, though — they are more affordable. You, too, can enjoy this perk. Hostels are not only for the young; they are also for the young at heart. Of course, people of all ages can stay in hostels.

Hostels provide more facilities and offer more value than pricey hotels. Some hostels offer free breakfasts as well. Rooms inside hostels are full of bunk beds. The more beds available in a room indicate how affordable the room is. Hostels are very flexible in terms of the rooms they offer. Some hostels provide single rooms, twin rooms, and double rooms as well as private facilities. New hostels are usually cleaner and safer.

Stay in Refurbished University Rooms

Some universities in the UK have been renting its rooms for the public. These universities have revamped their halls as well as bedrooms to transform them to accommodations. Usually, students take advantage of these rooms during the summer time as well as holidays, such as Easter.

All in all, it is easy to find cheap accommodations in London if you know where to look. Always keep your eyes and ears open for other spaces that might open up that are friendly to budget travellers or prospect city dwellers like you.

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