Getting Into The Countertop Business

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The kitchen countertop is one of the most important parts of a kitchen. The Philadelphia Inquirer states that countertops make one of the biggest style statements in a kitchen. Aside from style, countertops serve a variety of functions.

Functions of a countertop

A countertop serves as a storage space. It is where different appliances and kitchen equipment are placed; this is where the microwave, jars with spices and ingredients, and utensils are located. Hence, having a durable kitchen counter space is important.

In some homes, the kitchen countertop serves as the dining area. Based on current design trends, some homes are built with a large kitchen island to serve this purpose. This island serves as the gathering point in a home where family and friends gather around to eat.

For this reason, a kitchen counter serving must be special. It should have a look that will make all users comfortable while dining on it. Choosing the wrong type of countertop may change the mood of a kitchen; it can also disrupt chores in some cases.

For instance, a non-durable countertop may easily crack; it may be hard for you to work on uneven kitchen space. At the same time, some countertops are hard to maintain; instead of helping you finish kitchen chores, maintaining your countertop might add up on your long list of to-dos.

With the importance of countertops in each home, budding entrepreneurs should look into it as a potential business.

The Business of Countertops

There are several things you need to consider should you consider establishing a custom countertop business. First is the types of countertops you can offer.

Forbes discusses several countertops available in the market. It includes granite, marble, butcher’s block, and more. Let’s discuss each, one by one.

Types of countertops



Polished granite is the most popular material used in most kitchen countertops. It is chosen by many because of its durability. Buying granite is getting more and more affordable, thanks to easy granite fabrication technology.

Granite has different grades. The more unique patterns and thickness a granite has, the higher grade it becomes. Aside from durability, this material is water and heat resistant.


Quartz is a kind of material that has both style and durability. It’s a low-maintenance material that does not chip or crack easily; it’s also scratch and stain-proof.

With hygiene being a top concern among people nowadays, quartz is an excellent choice. Due to its nonporous quality, bacteria and viruses cannot attach to its surface. However, this engineered stone costs higher than other countertop materials in the market.


This natural stone is the most luxurious material one can use in a kitchen. This material can be found in high-end kitchens; it is also a favorite among bakers because it naturally has a low-temperature surface.

However, with luxury comes a price. It’s an expensive material that is less durable. This is a case of style versus function; for people who wish to have the look of marble at home, it’s best to use a separate dirty kitchen to prevent the marble countertop from cracking.

Butcher Block

More and more homeowners are getting attracted to butcher blocks. This material gives kitchens a natural look and gives a sense of warmth in a home. It’s also extremely practical; it can double as a cutting board in your kitchen.

A butcher block is also a low-maintenance material. When used as a chopping board, all it needs is a little sanding. Quick wear and tear can also be avoided by immediately wiping off moisture and spills from its surface.

Tools for countertop business

Now that we have discussed some countertop materials in the market, we can also discuss some tools necessary for starting a countertop business.

Laser and Engraving Machine

laser and engraving machine makes work easy. It is a powerful tool that’s so precise. It can reduce manufacturing wastage. This high-performance machine can cut through different materials, including stones and bricks. Should you wish to venture into custom countertops, this tool is a great choice.

Countertop Blades

A more primitive but still widely used tool in the business is countertop blades. Examples of countertop blades are block saws, diamond wire saws, and a bridge saw.

A block saw is used to cut stone blocks into slabs. Diamond wire saws make the work a little easier by using diamond, the hardest material in the world. The bridge saw is used to put the form in kitchen countertops so it can fit a space in a home.

Stone Care Products

Countertop materials like marble, quartz, and granite need cleaning and polishing, especially after the fabrication process. This is where stone care products come in.

By using granite polishers, the kitchen countertop will have a stunning shine. A granite and marble cleaner can make a countertop squeaky clean. A granite sealer is important to protect the material from staining.

Making a profitable business

Materials and tools are just some things you need to know before starting up a countertop business. If you are serious about pursuing this venture, do lots of research. Also, remember that the profitability of your business will depend not only on the materials and tools you use but, more importantly, on the level of quality you serve.

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