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Earning Online: Starting an Online Job or Business and Managing It

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During these times, people have to be resourceful to still provide for their families’ needs and help make ends meet. Not everyone is fortunate enough to still get to work remotely nor is everyone a guaranteed recipient of the universal basic income from the government.

You have to think of ways to survive and keep yourself afloat during this lockdown season. One of the best and most convenient ways of doing so is transitioning to online work or business.

Things You Can Do to Make Money Online

1. Sell stuff.

A lot of entrepreneurial folks have been selling online using different platforms like eBay, Amazon, Mercari, and Facebook Marketplace while holding down regular jobs.

Most of them have now gone full swing in online selling, peddling all sorts of things like household items, car accessories, toys and collectibles, clothes, shoes, and almost everything you can think of.

2. Offer your services for a fee.

If you have certain skillsets that you believe people need at this time, from something simple such as gardening and plumbing to something more complex like automotive and electrical repairs, people are willing to pay for services to help them get things done around the house.

3. Get a freelance job.

For folks who were asked to stay home with no job security from their employers, you can take this time to look for online jobs or be part of a home tuition agency in Singapore that are right up your alley.

Tips to Conduct Your Business Online Properly

online business

1. Always set and manage expectations.

When you conduct your business online, make sure to always set and manage expectations. Always tell your clients what they can expect from you and how you plan to deliver.

2. Be punctual.

Whether you have a business or an online job, punctuality should never be compromised. Do your best to comply with the time or schedule agreed upon.

If you’re shipping out items on a certain date, whether via the postal service or using a reverse logistics system, ship them out on time. If you have a deadline for your online work, do your best to submit on time.

3. Be transparent and always communicate with your customers and clients.

Maintain an open line of communication with your customers and clients. Be sure to always update them about the status of your shipment or your task. Don’t wait for them to follow up. Be proactive and always make the first move.

4. Never be afraid to go the extra mile for your customers.

Going the extra mile ensures greater customer satisfaction and increases the rate of customer and client retention.

5. Be open to feedback and make the necessary adjustments to improve your services.

Ask your clients and customers to give you constant feedback so that you have an idea of where to make adjustments to improve your services.

Times are tough now and they’re bound to get harder in the next few months. With a little resourcefulness and some discipline and commitment, you will see it all through and live on to see the better days once this is all over and done.

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