Get These 5 Pipe Working Machines for Your Shop

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Pipeworks can be extremely challenging for any fabricator or welder. For one, there are inherent safety hazards associated with welding jobs. Secondly, the welder can have certain handicaps when it comes to the lack of appropriate welding machines. Without the right equipment, even the simplest pipe project can take days or weeks to finish.

Fortunately, there are companies that offer top-notch machines for people who work on a pipe project on a daily basis. For one, there are premium-quality pipe cutters for sale online and in physical stores of manufacturers of pipe working machines. These companies usually have a complete range of these handy tools to ensure that workers will have the right equipment to finish their projects on time.

Here are five other essential pipe working machines for your shop:

Pipe welding positioners

These machines allow the welder to weld continuously as the material is being rotated up to 360 degrees, vertically and horizontally. What this offers is a smoother workflow and reduced strain on the part of the welder since he or she doesn’t have to manually and periodically adjust the angle of the torch, electrode holder, or workpiece.

With a pipe welding positioner, you can finish a workpiece considerably faster than when you need to do things manually. Positioners can hold anywhere between 200 kilograms to 1,000 kilograms of load, so they are easily indispensable equipment in any welding shop.

Welding pipe rotators

Pipe rotators are available in various loading capacities and turning power. They are also proven to ensure welding efficiency and minimize welder fatigue, as they practically eliminate the need for lifting machines to turn the workpiece as they are being welded.

Additionally, pipe rotators promote workplace safety because of their ability to take the hazardous burden of turning and lifting pipes away from the welder.

Pipe bevelling

A pipe bevelling machine is a critical tool for weld preparation jobs that involve heavy wall pipes. It can handle internal and external beveling, as well as tube facing at the same time, thus saving time. Such a machine is largely used in different jobs such as tube facing, boiler repairs, and many others.

Pipe threading machines

A pipe threading machine should also be a part of your welding arsenal if you wish to make your projects proceed as smoothly as possible. This is because pipe threading machines can be adjusted to accommodate pipes of different sizes and to have threads of different lengths with just a flick of the lever contact.

Their die heads can be opened automatically and manually. With this, you can choose to work on the heads, whichever is more convenient for you. These machines likewise have a dedicated chip collection tray, so you can easily discard them after every workday.



Welding manipulators are essential equipment that could make welding jobs easier, safer, and more efficient. These machines are ideal for MIG and TIG circumferential welding projects and they can be combined with positioners and rotators to facilitate effortless and more stable welds.

Welding manipulators differ from rotators and positioners because the former move welding heads while the latter move the workpiece.

With these essential machines, work processes inside your shop will surely become quicker and safer so you can finish your projects on time and with high quality standards.

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