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For Hotels, Small Things Make a Difference

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The hotel industry is rapidly changing and highly competitive nowadays. Nonetheless, as a hotel owner, you don’t need to have the big budgets and economies of scale to make it in this industry. With the hotel industry, unlike many other businesses, it’s the seemingly small things that matter.

Your hotel bookings will change for the better from the moment you shift from looking at your guests as ‘room numbers’ to customers who deserve great experiences is the day your bookings. These are some things that make hotel guests want to come back.

Customers respond to a more personalised service

It all begins with training your staff to remember guests name and address them using their names. You can also win your guest’s hearts by placing welcome cards in the rooms. In the same card, you could include a discount offer for their next stay. What better way to market your hotel than this?

There shouldn’t be shortage of room amenities

Business travellers and leisure travellers both say room amenities is their no.1 reason for choosing a hotel. Beyond the bed and a roof over their head, your guests want high- quality room amenities. Your guests want luxury; they want to feel pampered.

And, you don’t need a jacuzzi to meet this need. You need breathable bed linens and plush pillows, oversized bath towels, PH-balanced toiletries, etc. when looking for tissue paper suppliers, for example, make sure their products are of high-quality.

If you exceed their expectations, you will benefit from referrals

Be on the look-out for opportunities to go the extra mile and wow your guests. When your guests leave your hotel, if your service was simply’ good,’ they won’t talk about it. They would talk about if it were exceptional. Think about what you can do to stick to your guests’ minds.  A thoughtful gesture such as giving your guest’s thank-you gift bag of excluding toiletries.

As you find ways of improving the guest’s experience, keep an eye on comments reviews they leave at your website and find a way of using this information to improve your services.

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