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Deciding Between Hiring or Buying a Cherry Picker

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Many industries and government organisations in Australia rely on lifts and platform systems to carry out their operational tasks. From building construction and maintenance to public safety and rescue, these machines and equipment play major roles in today’s society. In fact, they have so many critical uses that people who work for these sectors will have serious difficulties completing their tasks without them.

As someone who runs an operation requiring the use of these essential types of machinery, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is choosing between buying and hiring a cherry picker. It is important to explore all your options, but just as important is considering the following factors:

Your finances

As you are well aware of, platform and lift equipment can cost a lot of money. For someone who has just started a business, buying a cherry picker or any other similar lifting device can place a huge burden on your finances. In such cases, it may be a smarter choice to hire one at the moment, save up, and buy one later or once your organisation’s finances have grown and stabilised.

Frequency of use

This depends on the nature of your business. Some industries may not need this machine every day, while others need it for their daily operations. Of course, organisations that offer building maintenance typically need it regularly and may find it more practical to buy one. But for others, such as fruit farming, filming, or any other businesses that only have a “seasonal” need for a cherry picker, hiring may be the better and cost-effective option.

It all depends on your needs and finances, but you should never discount the benefits that hiring can provide, especially the lower cost associated with it.

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