What to Know Before Starting Print on Demand

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In the video below, the host shares insights on how they started a custom printing on-demand career, emphasizing their journey from being broke to generating over a million dollars in revenue. The first tip revolves around building and maintaining momentum, highlighting the importance of taking small steps and signing up for necessary accounts to kickstart the business. The second tip discourages early-stage designers from repurposing designs across various products, suggesting a focus on one product until reaching a monthly revenue of $10,000.

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Moving on to the third tip, the host emphasizes the significance of offering fewer color options, as too many choices can overwhelm potential customers. The fourth tip introduces the importance of selecting the right print provider, emphasizing differences in quality, production time, and stock reliability. The fifth tip stresses the importance of understanding storefront context and generating relevant traffic through organic SEO or paid advertising.

Tip number six discusses the potential benefits of opening a PayPal credit card, providing 3% cashback on expenses. The seventh tip encourages the growth of an email list for increased profitability and an easier transition from platforms like eBay or Etsy to Shopify. The eighth tip advises leveraging AI tools to enhance efficiency and output. Lastly, the ninth tip focuses on the patience required to start a printing business.

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