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What Is Up With Your Leaking Roof? The Common Causes.

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Roof leaks can significantly damage your home if you don’t find the underlying cause and repair it promptly. You may think it’s pretty easy to spot, but water tends to flow outwards from where the leak initially came from. This is why you have to pinpoint the culprit to start roof repair in Lancaster, PA.


As you are well aware, there is no such thing as a roofing material that lasts a lifetime, and this includes your roof. It will be less effective in keeping out water as time passes. Weather conditions and temperature can also lead to cracking and more brittle roofing materials. Moreover, direct sunlight exposure can dissolve the tar, which is the element that locks the shingles together.

Roof Vents

It’s essential that anything penetrating through the roof should be properly sealed to avoid leakage. Examine the gaskets surrounding the vent pipes for gaps or cracks and take a look if there are missing nails, as well. After years of contact with different weather conditions, plastic vents could also crack.


Accumulation of debris, including pine needles, twigs and leaves, can confine water in the roof and enable it to leak inside by capillary action. It’s essential that you always clear the roof to allow the water to flow off quickly. Cutting tree branches that extend in your roof will make it easy for you to maintain a debris-free roof.

Gutter Backup

Gutters blocked with debris, like leaves, can slow down the flow of water off your roof, which gives it enough time to seep through. To address this, use gutter covers that help your gutters free itself from debris.

Excess Moisture

Directly draining upper gutters onto a lower roof can cause the lower roof to be way too saturated, thus leading to leaks. Instead, stretch the downspout down to the ground or the next gutter.

The only way to repair the leak in your roof is the find out the cause. Once you determine where you can proceed to find a way to fix it. Otherwise, you can always have the professionals handle it.

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