Vape Shop Starter Pack: Four Things You Need To Do

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Switching to e-cigarettes have proven to be a good move for smokers – from health, financial, and social benefits vaping is now a preferred alternative to smoking.

In fact, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine, one in three e-cigarette users vape daily, with young adults as the individuals to use them the most.

With an estimate of 10.8 million American adults engaged in the act of vaping, a lot of vape stores are now open for business, providing various e-cigarette flavors and perks to satisfy all kinds of smokers.

If you’re thinking of starting your very own VaporFi franchise here are the five things to consider, first things first:

1. What’s your plan?

If you would do a quick search, the vaping community is comprised of enthusiasts and hobbyists that are open to discoveries and possibilities e-cigarettes can offer them.

As the new store in town, you have to keep in mind five things: legal requirements, business licenses, required finances, targeted location, and store concept. Lots of aspiring vape shops don’t succeed in the field due to neglecting these basic needs. If you have these working together, your vape shop will be smoking hot in no time.

2. Where’s your supplier?

As e-cigarettes continue to be popular, so does a lot of suppliers and products to choose from. When turning your favorite pastime/passion for profit, you have to make sure you select the right partner – reliable, quality, and credible.

Do your market research. Talk to the vaping community. Decide wisely. Investing in the right wholesaler will do you a big favor as you run your business in the long run.

3. How to find you?
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Nowadays if you’re not on social media/digital channels, you would be missing out on a whole lot of customers and product innovation. Social media is not just your digital address; it’s also your means to reach prospective customers and sell the right product to them.

Having responsive digital channels will also do wonders for your business as it also boosts your customer servicing to answer to your customers’ wants and needs.

Pro tip: Utilize the power of digital marketing to the fullest. You can invest in automating your Point of Sale (POS) processes to help you and your staff when the going gets tough. A good POS process can streamline your sales and secure your business data.

4. Who are you?

You have your store and products ready. Your digital content is now in the making. You have your first vape shop in control. The last thing to do is to personalize your business and let your customers know you and your business personally.

Establish a welcoming atmosphere. Offer comfort and privacy at all times. Know your customers. Remember: first impressions matter so take this chance to provide a great experience from the moment they enter your doors up until they leave.

Welcome to the vape culture

Are you the next hot thing in the vaping community? Take these starter points to mind as you establish your first VaporFi franchise to avoid mishaps along the way. Happy vaping!

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