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The Secrets to Being a Mini Golf Ace

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Mini-golf has been around for decades and has become an entertaining activity for friends, family, and dates. But if you’re that one fellow who doesn’t enjoy going to mini golf parks, chances are it’s because you can never get through the first course.

You’ll be surprised to find out that the tips and tricks to being a putt-putt master do not have to be as complicated as you might think. And the first step starts with a secret that applies to developing any new skill: practice. Mini golf parks like Mrputtys.com offer low-cost mini-golf experiences perfect for daily or weekly practice sessions.

Windmills and Clown Heads – They’re All Just Distractions

Miniature golf courses got their popularity from their crazy designs and adventurous spin on regular golf courses. The iconic windmills, giant clown heads, and even the occasional waterworks seemingly elevate the difficulties of each course. Guess what? They only create the illusion of obstacles; at least that’s what experts say.

Putting pros recommend walking around the entire course to get a feel for how each one looks. Focus on the lay of the land and the greenery, not on the misleadingly intricate finish lines. Familiarize yourself with every elevation and slope so you won’t be caught off guard when you finally do your strokes.

Slow and Steady Does It

Speaking of strokes, it’s a challenging feat to finish each course in just two strikes. No matter how hard you swing, the ball just seems too stubborn to enter the castle drawbridge. But the secret is not to hit too hard in the first place.

Miniature golf courses usually require slow, steady, and careful strokes. You can also look for alternative routes that are easier to hit. Going through the water hazards or the volcano crater might seem tempting, but staying on the greenery usually requires fewer strokes.

Masterful putting doesn’t happen overnight too, and there’s a proper way of doing it. Remember to have a secure grip on your putter and to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Mini golf doesn’t always have to be a stroke of luck. With these simple tips, you’ll be the life of the mini golf party. You’ll even have your friends asking you for your secrets.

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