The Marketing Power of Name Badges in Promoting Startups

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Marketing Plan ConceptQuite often, startups use big marketing campaigns to attract potential clients. These campaigns can range from traditional marketing, like a billboard ad placement or digital marketing, like pay-per-click advertising.

While these marketing strategies do work, your startup might not have enough resources to use them. Why not consider made-to-order name badges?

Continuous Startup Promotion

Uniquely designed and high-quality name badges will give people a good first impression about your company. From the design alone, people can tell if you’re a corporate business or a creative agency. The right name badges can catch attention and give people an idea of your brand, no matter your location.

You can use them at conferences and trade shows or your place of business. Name badges immediately identify your staff and encourage visitors to your booth or store to engage your employees. It is easier to enquire about your products and services if your employees wear name tags.

At their core, customised name badges are promotional corporate merchandise. This is because well-made name badges clearly bear the company name and logo.

Building an Identity

The Promotional Products Association International stated in their 2017 consumer survey that promotional products have greater reach and impact consumer memory better than any other advertising channel, with nine in 10 people recalling branding.

The beauty of name badges is that your employees can wear them anywhere; employees can wear them when going to a café, restaurant, the park or the shops. Wearing name badges outside, or anywhere for that matter, is already an advertising strategy. People will get to see the badge or the company lanyard, and that is enough to create buzz around your brand.

With the right name tags, your brand—your business will get good exposure

Startups can greatly benefit from big marketing campaigns, but sometimes the subtlety of corporate branding is just as useful. Whether you own a small business or want to start a company, name badges are effective in brand promotion.

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