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The Art of Masculinity: Truths They Don’t Tell You About Manning Up

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Modernity has become incredibly confusing for young men and even adults trying to find their identity. They feel lost, unsure, and frustrated because of so much derision and responsibility heaped upon them. But what do you do to become what’s essentially a real and proper man? What qualities do they possess that you can emulate?

They Can Plan Ahead

A real man, no matter what their age, knows that the future is as important as the present. They understand that certain needs become more apparent and significant in their later years. It will affect the people they love such as their partner, their children, and their friends. When a man plans ahead, he knows that it must be definitive. He will do his best to save up for any emergency, going so far as to write a living will and consider prepaid funerals. Yes, a real man is ready even for that.

They Are Upright and Just

A real man can stand up to injustice, no matter how small and polarised it may be. Many people are comfortable with letting their lives go to waste because they think that it will net them better status and more praise. Others can easily ignore misconduct and crime in the office as though it were telling the time. While discretion is important in many social situations, a man will not back down when faced with the opportunity to protect others who are being mistreated. It goes without saying that a man will also catch himself when he is tempted to mistreat others.

They Can Be Humble and Honest

Many people today are obsessed with virtue signalling or the act of looking and sounding virtuous and upright but in reality, not holding up to the standard of their claims. Virtue signallers and false leaders are prideful: they talk only about themselves or their own experiences, hate being corrected, and refuse to apologise when they’ve done others wrong. When you practice being patient, silent, and true to your words, you are not being weak or pathetic. A real man knows when to be silent and practices it constantly.

They Can Laugh at Themselves

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It’s not easy to take yourself too seriously at all times. There’s a lot of pressure to be a man, regardless of your position in life. Whether you’re married, single, dating, unemployed, or even if you own a company, you need to lighten up. That doesn’t mean being a complete fool and losing all control. It means taking a few hits when people make fun of you or what you’re doing. It means not bearing a grudge for so long that it eats you up. Have a laugh, enjoy cheat days, and accept the fact that you are someone’s inside joke.

Being a real man is not just the capacity to provide or be strong. It is every bit as important to have compassion, kindness, and firmness of belief without losing one’s touch with the world. When you make choices that are out of your comfort zone, live up to the needs of your own mind and heart, then you are one step closer to becoming the man that you’re meant to be.

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