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Temporary Summer Work to Consider in 2024

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Summer will be here soon, and you may be looking for things to do. While you should have fun with family and friends, you may also be looking for ways to make money. What better way to do so than with temporary summer work? Summer is often the best time of year to take on a temporary job. There are several industries you can work in where you can either work outside or indoors. Here are some options for temporary summer work you should start applying for now.

Camp Counselor

From the Friday the 13th series to the movie Meatballs, there are several films synonymous with summer camp time. Do you think you enjoy being around children and don’t mind being a camp leader? Are you willing to do other odd jobs around camp facilities? The good thing about summer camps is there are day camps as well as all summer camps for kids to stay at. Consider how much time you want to spend there. And the good thing is you don’t have to live in the city of the camp that you want to work at. Maybe you’re a city person in New York or Boston, and you long desire to see the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. That might be a good time to apply to one of the summer camps there. Remember to apply as early as possible since summer camp positions that can fill up fast. After all, camps aren’t just for the kids themselves, it’s also a great time for camp leaders to enjoy the outdoors, bond with other volunteers and workers, and create their memories. If you have a teachable skill, such as art, music, woodworking, or athletics, you can put that to use working with children and making their summer more special.

Car Shops

Who doesn’t like riding around in a cool car? Vehicles are a necessity for many people to get from point A to point B. That’s why auto services are a good profession to work at any time of year. However, you may be able to find temporary summer work at your local auto shop. If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a mechanic, this summer may be the time when you can work as an apprentice under a master auto professional.

After all, there are several things you can do within the auto field such as diagnostic work, auto detailing such as Chrome and waxing on the outside, or interior car cleaning. Unfortunately, vehicle collisions happen every day around the world. Therefore if you work in an auto shop, it’s the opportunity to understand what goes into collision repair services. You may learn how to handle paintless dent repair or windshield replacement. Gain hands-on experience in the different types of engines. Plus, you would get to look at really cool cars all day. You can enjoy talking to other car enthusiasts and asking them what they like about their cars, especially if they drive vintage ones.

Outdoor Living

If you understand anything about American home ownership, you’ll know that patios and decks are one of the most popular features that most buyers look for. Thanks to patio or deck builders, people get to enjoy as much time outdoors on their property as possible. The main difference between decks and patios is relatively slight. For example, a patio is usually level with the ground. However, a deck is usually built with some type of elevation and may have two floors. Therefore, a deck is much more likely to be made from wood, whereas patios have more freedom to be built with harder materials like cement or stone. Due to the ground level, it’s also easier to upgrade a patio space with elements like kitchens and water features.

With temporary summer work with professional patio pavers, you’ll also get to be outside on a patio in your own way. Instead of sitting by the pool sipping drinks, you’ll make money in your temporary summer position. You would walk away with a valuable skill, as patio installation is a thriving field. A patio installation is known for adding value to a home. If you take on this summer job, you may end up walking away with several ideas to enhance your current or future home. One of the most popular updates people make to their patios is the outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can’t have the same features as your indoor kitchen such as luxury granite or marble countertops, oven drawers, refrigerators, and more. Some people even have a wood fire oven to make fresh pizzas. Homeowners are adding fire pits as a focal point and a way to have small-scale cooking. After all, there’s nothing like gathering around your fire pit on a cool evening. You can learn the ends and outs of patio construction. A patio can be made from cement, brick, wood, or stone. Patio pavers are materials that are used to enhance the design and safety of a patio. They can come in different colors while providing traction and preventing slips on patio surfaces.

Tree Service

Trees bring joy into any landscape. For every tree cut down, two more are planted. Since trees supply oxygen, they naturally clean the air and improve the air quality around your space. That’s useful if you live in a city that may be known for air pollution or contamination. Trees also enhance a home by providing natural shade. If you plant them close enough to the house strategically, you can have better energy efficiency, which will help save bills and carbon output, and ease up on your HVAC system usage. More American homeowners understand the value of growing their food, which is why gardens are popular. However, you can grow some of the best food from your trees. Depending on the region, you can have apple, pear, bananas, lemon or grapefruit trees. Trees can also produce a range of nuts. Depending on the tree companies you work for, you can do your part to maintain one of nature’s nest resources. Tree services may include trimming, pruning, and fertilization, such as mulching. If you’re in an area with frequent storms, you may need to help with storm cleanup after several trees have fallen. You may help a local arborist handle sick or dead trees. Dead trees must be removed for the safety of the home and nearby trees. After all, a dead tree is weakened and more likely to fall over quickly, especially after a storm. If sick trees are too close to healthy ones, they can spread the illness to those other trees, ruin the landscape, and breed pests.

Gyms and Athletic Centers

Do you consider yourself athletic or like participating in recreational sports? You may want temporary summer work at an athletic training room. You may help with cleaning off the equipment or running some of the classes. You may get free training or gym access yourself. As a result, it would be easier to improve your fitness levels or flexibility. Spend summer around other like-minded fitness pros who guide you with healthy inspiration.

Solar Installation

Do you want temporary summer work that may be helpful for the environment? In addition to working with trees, you could always work with a company that installs solar panels. Solar panel installation is no longer a fringe option associated with hippies living out in the wild. More American homeowners and businesses are investing in this clean form of energy. A proper solar panel installation can last about 20 years and is very easy to maintain. Depending on the type of system one gets, you can greatly reduce or completely remove electricity bills. Your temporary summer work in the solar panel industry may involve the factory production of the panels themselves. Maybe you’ll work with a company to install them on the roofs. You might be able to do customer service work by answering inquiries and scheduling the installations.

Local Movers

Summer is a popular time for people to move, and it’s easy to understand why. After all, the weather is beautiful, the kids are out of school, and many people are on vacation. Plus, it’s simply easier to pack and unpack your home and hit the road when the weather is nice, as opposed to dealing with freezing ice and snow. As any moving company professional will tell you, summer is their busiest season. That’s why many movers are often booked up during this time and get to charge higher rates. If you want to get experience working with local movers, summer is the best time, as they’re more likely to ramp up their staff to assist them with their extra moving projects. Your temporary summer work may involve local moves, Interstate moves, or helping schedule International ones. Movers do a lot of physical work in which they have to know how to lift and carry things without injuring themselves. Some help homeowners pack their valuables and unpack them at their new homes. You may learn the ins and outs of different moving installation materials or become very familiar with the different moving routes in your city.

Fence Building

There are many reasons why Americans need a good fence. Fencing contractors allow homes to have noise insulation from outside, better privacy, safety, and restricted access. Fence materials can consist of wood, vinyl, metal, stone, etc, wood is still the most popular choice for Americans. Wood fences can last decades, are versatile, and are easy to install. You can stain or paint wood as you like, and you can always recycle it once it’s no longer useful as a fence. Homeowners on a larger budget may want a custom cast iron gate that can last several decades and may even outlast their lives. Vinyl fencing is resistant to weather and insects, It’s easy to paint and match the theme of your home. Therefore, if you want temporary summer work that allows you to be outside all day, working with a fencing contractor is the perfect choice.

House Painting

An affordable house painter is at the top of many homeowner’s lists. After all, interior and exterior paint are some of the best and easiest ways to upgrade the home. According to Bob Vila, interior paint comes with an ROI of as much as 107%. You may opt to work with a house painter who only focuses on interior work or exterior. Summertime is a perfect time for people to upgrade their exterior paintwork as it will dry faster. If you work on the painting team, you’ll understand the many levels involved with successfully painting a surface. The painters Begin by cleaning and updating damaged walls. They’ll fill in cracks or holes and wash the walls down. Then, they sand the wall to make it nice and smooth. The smooth and clean walls are easier for the primer layer to adhere to. After several layers of primer are applied, several layers of paint are applied as well. Your temporary summer work also gives you a lesson in color theory. Colors like lavender and blue create a calming effect in any space. When homeowners have a small room and want to open it up, painters usually use white, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Gray is a color for neutrality and concentration, which is why you often see it in office spaces.

As you can see, getting temporary summer work may not be hard when you begin looking early. There are many industries you can consider. You may want to work with the youth at a camp, which allows you to work outside. Other outdoor work can involve painting and patio help. If you want to burn those calories and move around a lot, working with local movers can be a good option. This list isn’t the only option for your summer jobs, but there are good ones to consider and include different industries. Kick off your 2024 summer with a good job, extra money, and a new skill set.

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