Elderly man in therapy

Strengthening Your Seniors’ Immune System: A Guide

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Elderly man in therapy

The health of a person depends on a variety of factors. One of them is your immune system or body’s ability to fend off pathogens and foreign bodies that may compromise your health. While it does a lot of things to keep viruses and bacteria at bay, your immune system isn’t always in top shape. There may be times when it becomes too weak to fight or too compromised to function properly.

Seniors, for instance, may have trouble keeping their immune system in good shape. But there are some ways you can help them. If you have a loved one at home or in a senior living facility in Ogden, here’s what you can do to help them:

Help them get a vaccination

The most obvious step would be to help them get a vaccination. Science has already proven that vaccinations can save lives. Vaccines can help your loved one lower their risk of getting diseases, such as flu and measles. Through vaccines, the immune system familiarizes itself with the virus or pathogen, so it will know how to fight it when the real risks happen. You will need to consult a physician on which vaccines are meant for senior people.

Encourage them to exercise

If your senior loved one has favored sitting all day long or taking long naps, you should start encouraging them to become physically healthy. Exercises and physical activity help in improving heart health and blood circulation. They also boost the immune system, so it can easily fight bacterial and viruses. Pick simple yet healthy exercises for them, such as jogging in place, brisk walking, and basic yoga. If they love swimming, take them to the pool. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that helps seniors strengthen their muscles, improve their endurance, and boost their cardiovascular health.

Help them handle stress

While stress is inevitable, experiencing it in heavy doses may compromise the immune system. This is why helping your senior loved ones avoid stress can go a long way. Encourage them to always do an activity they enjoy, whether it’s solving crossword puzzles, listening to music, or going to the park. Sometimes, spending your weekends or even an afternoon with your elderly loved one can help reduce their stress.

Mind their diet

Elderly woman in wheelchair with nurse

The health of the seniors’ immune system heavily depends on the food they eat. Some food contains energy and nutrients, which are needed for strengthening the immune system. Include superfoods in your loved ones’ diet, such as greens, fruits, and healthy meats. Better yet, you may start looking for a dietitian who specializes in senior adult nutrition.

The health of your senior loved one is basically among the things you should prioritize. Remember, that at this point, their body is frail, and their health is always faced with risks. You need to help them boost their immunity. That’s one of the good ways to face the pathogens and other factors that may endanger their health. It would also be wise to ask specialists, such as doctors and dietitians, for some advice.

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