Should Your Business Provide Paint Protectin Film?

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Also referred to as clear paint film, paint protection film can be described as a thermoplastic polyurethane film that normally comes with self-healing abilities. It’s designed to be applied over painted surfaces of vehicles, in order to safeguard against small abrasions and stone chips, among others, as discussed in the video.

PPF can go a long way toward helping car owners keep their vehicles spotless for longer. With that in mind, here are some of the main reasons why you should consider providing this product.

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Your paintwork will get better.

When it comes to protecting a vehicle’s paint job, car owners have a few options to choose from, such as ceramic coating and, to some degree, car wax. However, none of the available options matches the long-term protection offered by PPF. On top of being more affordable, clear film can last for thousands of miles with proper application. This is especially the case when using self-healing PPF.

In addition to negatively affecting the way a car looks, damage to a vehicle’s exterior paint can significantly impact its resale value. This means that the owner may have to fork out their hard-earned cash for costly repairs or take a huge financial hit, if and when they decide to sell their vehicle. Fortunately, paint protection film can help car owners avoid all that at a fraction of the cost.


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