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Secure Destruction: What You Need to Know

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You have a room full of classified documents and gadgets you rarely use but need to be sure they would be disposed of safely? Secure destruction is the way to sort your needs. Here are the reasons.

Privacy Breach

The enormous risk lies in identifying and categorising the sources of substantial information and those that can freely fall into the wrong hands. Our principal goal is to understand your business operations and help give recommendations on what to keep as we safely dispose of the waste.

Information management

It is of no practical sense to spend much on securing documents you no longer use. We offer services in helping you set up on what should go in our secure disposal program. We are not limited to the items we can dispose of, but the main categories are:

• Documents (paperwork)

• Clothing

• Product destruction

• Electronic equipment

• Media

• Phones and handsets

• Hard drives and other IT storage items


For paper documentation, we offer secure destruction services. Here, the site is chosen based on the quantity and duration it would take. In case of small load, our capable facilities will do the shredding on site with discretion.

Proof of disposal

Our team provides tracking sensors for monitoring items that need specialised destruction from your premises to help track the movement; we also give photographic evidence and logs on the disposal methods used.

Who do we target?

Our services are open to individuals and businesses that look to keep a “healthy” environment with more room. Secure Destruction helps you keep the surrounding litter free and adhere to the law which requires you to have a waste disposal plan.

Our team of professionals will confidentially work under your instructions to help ensure secure destruction. As you create more room on your premises, help make the world litter free and a better place to stay.

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