Promoting Company Values to Employees

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Company values express what a company believes in. It is the basis of what guides a business’ purpose. By effectively embodying a company’s values, a business can ultimately accomplish its goals.

The management should make sure that each employee is properly adhering to the company’s values. This is to ensure that all employees have the same objective.

Everyone should be working together for the success of their business. There are different types of values that support the success of a business.

Different types of values

It is important that managers and employees understand the different types of values to avoid confusion among employees and management. Managers and staff that confuse company values may possibly have a different goal that is not aligned with the company’s goal.

Two values that are usually misinterpreted are core values and aspirational values. Core values are the ones that are deeply embedded in a company’s actions.In contrast, aspirational values are values that a company currently lacks but is needed to succeed in the future.

After understanding, management should make sure that values are effectively communicated to employees.

Communicate the Values

Face to face communication is a good way to remind employees about the values they should follow. A proactive way of doing so is by engaging employees in team building activities.

To encourage employees to follow company values, managers can have weekly or monthly extra-curricular activities that are aligned with the values.

The activities can highlight certain company values. Afterwards, there could be a post-activity discussion of how each activity encompassed a company value.

Tell a Story

Management can also incorporate story-telling to highlight company values. During company meetings, they could tell stories on how certain employees exemplify the values.

Positive appraisals during company meetings can also highlight good role models in the office. This encourages other employees to follow the company’s values.

Making employees see how they could apply the values in their own work makes it easier for them to understand their company’s values.

Relate it to team and individual goals

When orienting employees about the company’s values, managers should make sure that each employee sees how they can apply the values in their own work. For example, an employee can exemplify being proactive by proposing new ways on how to do his or her work more easily.

Other than realizing how an employee can apply it to himself or herself, the management should also show how it could apply to team goals. For example, a team shows their value of caring by communicating to other team members on how to enhance their progress.

Overall, everyone in the company should embody their company’s values. Understanding different types of values can make sure that everyone is aligned with the company’s goal. In light with this,a company can promote their values by proactively communicating it to their employees, both management and other members of the company.

To help everyone interpret the values, every employee should see how their company’s values are related to their individual and team goals. This is vital in ensuring that everyone adheres and promotes the values of their company.

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