Office Essentials: What Every Office Needs

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Now that you’re ready to move your business out of your garage or extra room into an actual office, you might be wondering what you need. Making a proper business office can be confusing to newcomers in business.

To make it easy for you, here is a quick checklist of what your office needs to operate at its best.


Begin with the obvious first. You will need to have furniture to work on. This includes the basics like chairs, desks, and more. For chairs, you will want to select those that are comfortable for your people. Uncomfortable chairs will distract them from work and can even injure them.

Tables and desks should be solid and able to support the weight of the equipment you will put on them. You will also need cabinets for storage. Take note that you will want special furniture for your reception area so that it is welcoming to your potential guests.


Your business needs a way to connect to the outside world. There are two ways right now to do that: a phone line and the internet. For phones, you will need a phone line and to connect with PABX suppliers in the Philippines so that your office will get a good phone exchange.

This allows you to use a single phone connection to give your people each their own phone access. Besides that, you will also need to work with an internet company so that your employees have an internet connection. This will allow you and your people to have full access to your potential customers.


The modern office is full of electronics. These are mainly for productivity purposes. Every employee needs to have a personal computer. Besides allowing them to do their job, it also provides them with a place to store their files and the like.

Other essential equipment includes a printer, a photocopier and scanners. You will also want to invest in a surge protector. This ensures that your electronic equipment doesn’t end up damaged because of power fluctuations. Portable electronics might also be necessary for fieldwork like laptops and USB drives.

Have a solid list of your electronics needs to be sure that you have everything.


To get that computer working, you are going to need software. Depending on what your office needs to do, this can range from word processing software to video editing. Look around for dependable products, though you are lucky enough that some programs are available for free on the internet.


Having an empty office is depressing. Try to cheer your people up with some décor. This can range from plants to carpets. Try to make the office more lively and personable for happier employees.

Ready for Business

When you are trying to make your office workable, you need to be sure that you have everything. Having one or more elements missing from your office does not mean that you can’t work. You will still be able to, but you won’t be at full effectiveness. In business, being 100% is essential.

The list above should help ensure that you have all you need for a functional office environment. Go through it and be sure that you don’t miss anything.

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