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Moving Out: Guaranteed Methods to Get Your Deposit Back

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Whether you plan to find another place to live in or need a more profitable location for your business, moving can be a difficult decision to make. However, if the advantages of such a move can both be profitable and beneficial to your personal life and career, then take the chance. Speaking of profits, it would actually be a perk to get back your full rental deposit in time for your change of address. Start with these strategic tactics so that you can raise your chances of doing so.

Clean Your Rental Extensively

For most landlords, leaving your rental in disarray automatically means a reduction from your deposit. After all, they will have to spend time and money to clean the place out before they can rent it out again. Remember that it’s hard to find new renters with discolored bathroom grout, stained floor tiles, and stained or tainted windows in Pleasant Groove. If it’s not possible to do the cleaning yourself, hire cleaning services to deal with your windows, floors, and other hard-to-clean spaces. Schedule these services alongside your packing and transfer to expedite the return of your deposit.

Cosmetic Repairs Are a Must

If you have to hammer in nails to hang paintings or install screw-in shelves, there will be holes in the walls, which can easily reduce your deposit. Even something as simple as broken tiles, missing cabinet handles, and dodgy doorknobs can do the same. Go through your rental space and check all the required cosmetic repairs and make a list of them. See which of these you can deal with by yourself, or have someone else in your staff or household deal with it. When in doubt, there are a number of DIY videos and articles that can help you complete your fix-ups.

Always Coordinate with Your Landlord

coordinating with the landlord

One of the biggest reasons your deposit can be withheld are decisions made regarding the property without the knowledge of your landlord. This is especially true when you’re already at the end of your lease period or have suddenly decided to move. Remember that informing your landlord of your plans to retain the rental or leave is just a text, a call, or an email away. Also, check your contract for the list of details and responsibilities to finalize your choice to move.

Remember How It Originally Looked Like

Finally, leaving your rental looking like how it did when you first moved in is one the most effective but simplest way to earn your landlord’s approval. Depending on the changes you’ve made on your rented space during your stay, retaining the original look of the area can entail a lot of hard work, time, and even finances to be successful. If you need to remove fixtures, make major repairs and even repaint the rental. These services will cost less than your deposit, and then consider it a fair deal.

Not unless your landlord is difficult to deal with, these methods can easily allow you to recover your full deposit. In the end, you should always be careful about choosing your new location and see if the rental owners are as manageable as your former real estate contacts. Just remember to always double-check contracts whether you’re about to move in or out just so you can avoid any disadvantageous agreements in the future.

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