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Make the Most of Your Laser Cutter

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CO2 Laser cutters are now more efficient, less bulky, and more affordable. More and more people are buying laser cutters for crafts and simple cutting — but laser cutters can do so much more.

1. Wood

Using laser to cut wood creates precision cuts that are impossible to replicate with a saw or any other tool. Curved lines and tight corners are cut perfectly, with no waste or damage to the overall structure. Cut-out designs of any shape or form can easily be done on almost any type of wood. Using laser to engrave on wood also produces great results. Wooden signboards or even signage can easily be cut to whatever shape and engraved with whatever you want. Cabinets, plaques, or even small items like keychains can be engraved with precise detail.

2. Acrylic

When it comes to acrylics, lasers are the best tools for cutting and engraving. Logos and small texts can easily be engraved in plaques, trophies, small signs, paperweights, giveaways, and many others. Engraving on acrylic creates an elegant frosted look and logos and texts are easily distinguishable. Acrylics are also easily cut into varying shapes, without putting undue stress and with minimal waste. Laser cutters can create name tags or luggage tags of different shapes and sizes in a matter of minutes.

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3. Stone and Tile

Engraving on stone surfaces like marble or granite can be easily done with lasers. Granite desk nameplates can easily be customized and appear quite elegant. Decorative tiles can be used as coasters, art pieces, or commemorative giveaways. Even larger pieces like gravestones can be engraved with precise details.

4. Glass

Laser etching on glass is safer than using rotary tools. Similar to acrylics, laser engraving on glass produces a frost-like effect. Glass used for mirrors can be embellished with beautiful designs without compromising integrity. Wine glasses, glass mugs, and ordinary drinking glasses can be customized with logos, text, or graphics. Bar owners can easily make their mugs and glasses special, and even sell branded merchandise for extra profit. Blocks of glass can be turned into decorative art or remarkable company giveaways.

5. Metal

Though lasers can be used to engrave most metals, they are best used on aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, and other coated metals. Laser engraving can easily be used to label a tool with the owner’s name or just embellish it with a particular design. Silverware, whether made from actual silver or another metal, can be marked with a logo, name, or any other design. Dog tags, stainless steel bottle openers, keychains, and other trinkets can also be customized with intricate details.

Graphics and Design

CO2 laser cutters use bitmaps which provides an almost limitless freedom for graphics and design. The accuracy and precision of laser cutters give them the ability to engrave anything from simple texts to outright photographs in every medium listed above. Detailed company logos, artistic designs, and intricate graphics can all be accomplished using laser cutters. Photos can easily be scanned and incorporated into a design without taking too much time and effort.

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