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Jobs That Are, Quite Literally, a Tall Order

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There is nothing easy about menial labour. There is plenty of work to be done, all of which require effort and sweat to be completed. Even a family-run business with everyone carrying their weight will have a hard time getting things done simply because they are limited by the capacity of their individual bodies.

But family-run businesses need not fret. For each crucial and laborious task they have to complete, there are tools that have them covered:


Gathering the fruits of your labour, literally, means picking them off their respective plants. It is not a problem when you are dealing with root crops or small shrubs, as you can enlist the help of even small children to pick your precious produce.

When you are dealing with tall trees, however, it is hard to get to the fruits up top when you are but a five-something-footer. Even the six-footer in the family might still need a reach extender that would, hopefully, not cause their limbs to hurt the whole night.

Enter platform elevating tools, which give that added height and reach in a safe manner. It is easy enough to look for Hydralada for sale to eliminate the dangers of balancing on a precarious platform, climbing each tree, or using a rickety ladder to get the job done.

Painting Jobs

Man's clothes splattered with paintA house, of course, needs enough height to accommodate its residents without them having to crouch. Imagine the impossibility of living in a house smaller than — or even exactly as tall as — you. It would lead to neck problems at the very least.

Now, that is not the problem of homeowners, as all they have to do is buy a house with the height they want. It is a problem for homebuilders — specifically, the painters. As the walls you are painting are taller than you, there is that disadvantage when completing your task. Every painter knows that if you do small strokes haphazardly, the finished wall will not look as if it’s painted by a professional. A lifting platform will again be handy in this job.

Roof Repair

The structure of the house is tall enough as is, and at the very top is the roof. Should it be your job to get to that roof, perhaps to check if there is any broken or bent shingle or to replace or paint its entirety, you need several tools. There is the ladder, which should be strong enough to hold your weight as you are climbing.

Go ahead and invest in a drone to see an aerial view of the roof surface. This is handy in determining just how much work needs to be done. You may go up the roof for manual inspection, but it is possible to miss a spot or wrongly assess the severity of the damage. Drones will give you an unbroken view of the surface, and it is also safer than wandering aimlessly on the roof.

It is generally acceptable for small businesses to have a less-than-perfect job because of their smaller manpower. That, however, is not an excuse for you to stubbornly do things manually and dangerously, especially if there is an available tool to help.

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