How to Grow Your Business With Influencer Marketing Services

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Nearly every type of business can benefit from professional influencer marketing services, but what size influencer does your business need? As this video explains, influencers come in many varieties, from major celebrities to local micro-influencers. The type of business you operate decides the influencer size needed.

For example, if you own a small-town retail store, choose a local micro-influencer for the best results.

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A national restaurant chain would better benefit from a celebrity influencer. If your business operates at a national or international level, regardless of its type, your influencers need to have proven reach at a national level.

Look beyond follower counts and consider account age and quality. Prioritize those who use their real names and post high-quality content of their creation. Receiving a high level of engagement on self-created content, especially from their followers, shows evidence of trust. Trustworthy accounts provide the ideal candidates for influencers.

Instead of attempting to locate influencers, contract with an agency that identifies appropriate influencers for your business and handles contracting with them. Agencies such as these vet the influencers for you. Consider IZEA, Clever, Verde, or Influencer Marketing Agency as a starting point for creating an influencer marketing plan and finding the right influencers for your business.

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