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How to Choose the Right Food for Your Charity Event

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So, you’ve been planning your first fundraising event for your charity this past month. You’ve set your purpose and your goals. The budget’s been released. Your teams are ready to do the work you’ve delegated. You’ve chosen an event location in New York.

And now it’s time to choose the right dishes that’ll make your perfect menu. You have to consider many things when choosing the right kind of food for your event. It has to be a combination of dishes that will match your event’s theme, or better yet, the event itself.

It should leave an impression on your audience that’ll make them want to attend more of your fundraisers. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect menu that’ll make your event one for the books.

Tip #1: Choose the style of your event

Is it going to be a formal gala? A stand-up cocktail? Or a casual, festive lunch? Discuss and finalize this with your team before even choosing a caterer. You’ll find that burgers won’t really go well if served at a formal event.

Tip #2: Consider when your food’s going to make its entrance

Will a buffet be available all throughout the event? Or are servers going to start doing rounds once a performance starts? Whatever’s going to happen while your guests are eating is crucial to choosing what kind of food to serve.

Tip #3: Think about food presentation

How will your food look on a buffet table? Or how would it look on individually served plates? There are a lot of options when it comes to food presentation, you just have to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of food for the presentation that you want.

Follow these tips with your event’s purpose in mind. Remember why you’re hosting this event, and what your goals are. This will help you make clearer, better choices for your event – even if it’s choosing between a chocolate fondue or French pastries for dessert.


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