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How to Avoid Delivery Package Scams

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The creation of the e-commerce industry, which includes popular online shops such as Amazon has revolutionized consumer shopping. Instead of going to a store miles away from your home, you can already buy items online with just a few clicks.

There are even different payment options you can choose from — from debit or credit card to cash on delivery. You can expect your items to be delivered through express courier service from the UK.

Different types of courier services

For starters, there are different types of courier services that will suit every customer’s needs and budget. Among these include the following.

1. Standard courier

This type of courier service collects and sorts parcels according to location, and then transfers the parcels to its respective depot for delivery within a specified area. It is considered the most affordable type of courier services and can take a few days before the item is delivered to your doorstep.

2. Same-day delivery

This type of courier service is usually intended for emergency or urgent deliveries. On the downside, this option is expensive although it can guarantee that your item will be delivered the same day you have ordered it.

3. International delivery

This one refers to the delivery of items and good outside the country. The delivery rates may vary depending on the package size and the urgency of the delivery.

Tips to avoid package delivery scams


Along with today’s delivery, conveniences comes certain risks. For one, package delivery scams are a common thing and have become more sophisticated. While there are already tell-tale signs of a package delivery scam, a lot of people still fall victim to these kinds of deceptive practice.

That is why it is important to protect yourself against these malicious scammers, protect your hard-earned money, and ensure your overall safety. Before that, you should be able to identify common delivery scams and avoid being deceived by it. Here are some tips to avoiding getting scammed by these kinds of people.

1. Look for wrong grammar.

Most scammers use email to deceive their target victims. These scammers would usually email you about an undelivered package and that you need to click a link and fill up personal information so you can get the “package.” But before you click that link, check for any glaring grammar errors and misspellings. Legitimate delivery companies would never send anything with grammatical errors.

2. Take note of odd email content.

Aside from grammatical errors, the scammer’s email also has odd-looking URL addresses. Some email addresses you as “Dear Customer” instead of your real name. It should also not ask personal information about you if the “item” is ready to be delivered to you in the first place.

3. Know how real delivery companies work.

First of all, legitimate delivery companies won’t ever ask for customer information via calls or email. It won’t also require you to download a form to fill up and pay for delivery charge. More importantly, make sure to take note of every online delivery you had. You can contact the courier service via their official website and contact details for inquiries and concerns.

Package deliveries have become easier and more efficient over the years. But, it doesn’t come without its pitfalls. Luckily, we can avoid falling victim.

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