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How Amazon Helps You Secure Your Packages

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Ensuring parcel delivery and receipt is important to anyone. Many marketers subscribe to CASS data mailing services to make sure their recipients get the mail. For those who love online shopping, it is equally, if not more, important to get their ordered item on time.

But there were instances when packages were stolen mainly because when they were delivered, the recipients weren’t home; therefore, the parcels were left outside where porch pirates could easily sneak in.

Amazon, the largest online shopping site, rolled out technologies to counter porch piracy. If you run a business, you can get inspiration from the systems they released to eliminate the risks of items being stolen.

Amazon Key

Key is a service that will allow delivery people to get inside your home’s premises and securely place your ordered item inside. For this service to work, you need to buy a compatible smart lock and the cloud cam from Amazon. These two devices are connected to each other and communicate using Zigbee, a wireless protocol.

The services work this way: First, the courier will arrive at the address indicated, and then scan the barcode of the item ordered. The scanner sends the scanned data to Amazon’s cloud, which later confirms the item.

Once the item is verified, the cloud will transmit a message back to the camera, which will start recording the activity.

A notification will be sent to the courier’s app, which tells them the following step (swipe the screen) that will prompt the smart lock to open.

After dropping off the package, the courier will lock the door using the app, which will then send a notification to the recipient that his or her item was delivered properly. A short clip of the delivery process will also be sent.

Amazon Locker

If letting strangers in your home is a complete no-no for you, you can try the Locker service instead. This service use lockers in secure, self-service kiosks. You can use this service is there is a Locker near your area and if the size and cost of your item are within the requirements.

The courier will place your package in the Locker and you will get a code-containing email from Amazon. Once you have the code, you will be given three days to claim your package from the Locker. To do so, you need to enter the code given to you and then take your item. If three days have passed and you haven’t claimed your package, it will be sent back to the warehouse and you’ll get a refund. You may also return an item using Amazon Locker.

Amazon Rekognition


This technology is not really designed for package deliveries, but it can help you identify thieves should you lose your item to theft. Rekognition is a facial recognition software. It is used in different applications in business and law enforcement.

In package deliveries, Rekognition can be helpful as it can be added to applications so that the app can analyze images and videos more thoroughly. Its API can identify the objects, people, and texts in these visual media. If your item is stolen, this application can help you identify the culprit easier.

Mishaps happen even in courier services; therefore, you must be mindful of this. Fortunately, some technological developments these days can help us ward them off.

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