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Leveraging the Power of Women: Home-based Careers for Working Moms

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Women are the backbone of home-based careers. Home-based careers have been popularized by working moms who want to spend more time with their children without having to sacrifice a huge chunk of their income. But home-based careers provide a lot more than just a way for mothers to spend quality time with their kids.

The home is the most personal space in our lives, and most women would like to stay home as long as they can before returning to the workforce full-time. Investing in home-based career opportunities now will allow moms to reap the rewards later.

Home-Based Careers for Moms

Working from home can be a great opportunity for moms who want to work part-time or full-time while still spending time with their children. The problem is that many women think they have to choose between having a career and raising kids, but it doesn’t have to be this way! There are plenty of ways you can continue working from home as a mom. Below are home-based careers that moms may want to try investing their time and effort in:

  • Online teaching

Moms who have a background in education or are home-schooled parents might want to consider becoming online teachers for a tuition agency. The great thing about home-based education careers is that it allows you the flexibility to either work part-time or full-time, depending on your situation and needs. Teachers can earn anywhere from $20-$50 per hour, which means moms should be able to manage their time and be home with their families while still earning a pretty decent income.

Moms can even become a tutor for English for foreign students like those from China and Japan. This career holds a lot of promise because it shows no sign of slowing down. After all, English has been declared the official language of business for all countries.

  • Virtual assistant

Moms who have typing and administrative skills may want to consider becoming virtual assistants. Virtual assistant jobs are usually home-based, part-time, or full-time positions that pay anywhere from $15-$60 per hour, depending on the client you choose to work with.

Being a virtual assistant will allow moms to work at home and still take care of their kids at the same time. Therefore, it is a good career opportunity for moms.

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  • Marketing consultant

Moms who are creative, persuasive, and persistent may want to consider becoming marketing consultants. Marketing consultant jobs usually require a home-based office where you can manage your client’s campaigns online or offline using the phone and email. These types of consulting careers can be very profitable.

Marketing consultant jobs usually pay $25-$75 per hour depending on the client and how much work is required of you. These home-based careers allow moms to make money while simultaneously taking care of their kids and home life. However, it may take time for a mom who wants to become a marketing consultant before they can actually start to make money. But if you are persistent, home-based careers like this can be very profitable and worthwhile for working moms who need flexibility in their job or income streams.

  • Freelance writer

Moms who have good writing skills can also make money through home-based careers. Freelance writing is a home-based career that you can set up in your spare time and start making some extra income from home without quitting your current job.

Moms can also work as freelance writers full-time by taking on multiple freelance jobs at a time. They can limit their work to only eight hours per day to still have time to rest and attend to their responsibilities at home. Freelance writers usually earn between $20 to $30 per hour, depending on the instructions from their clients.

  • Business owner/entrepreneur

Working moms can also start businesses at home by having a home-based career in entrepreneurship or starting up their own businesses online. They don’t need to have technical skills because they only need an idea and a good plan. Entrepreneurs and business owners can also work as home-based workers by establishing their home offices where they can manage, coordinate, and supervise all the operations involved in running a business. Therefore, it is also a good career opportunity for moms.

Making the Most of Home-based Careers

Working moms can consider home-based careers to have more time with their families while still enjoying a good income. With home-based careers, working moms can invest in themselves and provide for their growing children’s needs. Landing a good home-based career will allow moms to earn a steady income that will be enough to give them a comfortable life.

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