Health as Part of Your Personal Branding

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We all know that being healthy is a good thing, but branding yourself as such can be tricky. It takes more than a few kale smoothies to inspire the public — you need to maintain an image of health and wellness without it seeming inauthentic or staged. Here are some ideas for integrating your brand with your personal health journey.

1. Start a blog

Start a blog

Blogging has never been more popular and there’s no better platform to share your health and wellness journey. People love reading about other people’s experiences, whether that’s what they ate for breakfast or what workouts they did that week! If you have no idea where to start, blogging platforms like WordPress offer great advice on how to get started.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Most people don’t realize how big a role comfort plays in our lives and it’s preventing them from seeing change! The more uncomfortable you are, the better — just make sure it’s because you’re challenging yourself and growing as a person and not because you’re doing something harmful.

3. Avail of marketing and PR services

PR and marketing services help you communicate with the public in a way that’s professional, compelling, and effective. From life science marketing services to online press release distribution, you’ll have a professional accomplice in your journey that will establish your health branding.

4. Identify your brand voice

Just like any company needs to find its branding voice in order to succeed, you need to do the same in order to meet your goals. What do you want to say about yourself? And how can you go about saying it in a way that inspires others who share your interests and values? If you want your branding to include being healthy, make sure it’s a voice that’s unique and authentic.

5. Rally your fans

Social media is a great way to connect with people who care about you, whether they’re family, friends, or strangers! Having a strong social media following will also help establish your brand as something that others can be inspired by and want to emulate themselves.

6. Pay attention to the little things

The difference between being healthy and being unhealthy is often found in small details that add up. Exercising daily or meditating in the morning is a great start, but so is tracking your food intake and staying hydrated throughout the day. Make sure you’re taking care of your body and mind, little by little, and it will show your audience that you are working hard to build yourself. This will give them inspiration for their own journeys.

7. Look the part

It might not be possible for everyone to dress in activewear all day long, but you don’t have to! Just make sure that you’re always looking clean and presentable no matter your outfit — it’s a quick way to show people around you that you care about yourself and it inspires them to take care of themselves as well.

8. Always be learning

It’s important to stay up-to-date with health and wellness research so that you can continue on this journey without losing momentum. There are many great health newsletters out there, but you should also take some time to get lost in the library. Remember to make time for the things that light you up and keep your passion for living healthy alive.

9. Create a personal mission statement

You don’t have to be an international spy or a startup founder to create a mission statement — it’s about defining who you are and what you want for yourself. If your health branding is part of that, make sure it doesn’t sound like something ripped from an infomercial!

10. Be innovative

Don’t let beautiful Instagram pics and infographics fool you: you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment and tools to be healthy. Being creative with your exercises can still get you great results without breaking the bank! Look for new ways to integrate fitness into your life — it could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Health is an important part of our lives, and it’s crucial that we take care of ourselves in order to be our best selves. Personal branding is a great way to communicate this message to the world, and by following these ten tips, you’ll be on your way to establishing yourself as a health authority. Remember to always stay up-to-date with the latest research, rally your fans on social media, and look the part! Most importantly, enjoy the journey — living healthily should be something that makes you happy and fulfilled.

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