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Grab a Slice of the $20 Billion Cottage Food Industry

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Many people show a marked preference for food items that are produced by small companies or private label manufacturers. With the right approach, you can indulge the foodie in you and get a slice of this market.

Cognizant of the changing food preferences sweeping across America, reliable liquid-filling equipment manufacturers are taking a significant interest in the cottage food industry. As people become more conscious about their health and diets, they show a marked preference for private label manufacturers and smaller brands. The shifting choices are creating a thriving cottage food industry that is growing steadily with each passing year.

If you’re a  foodie with dollar signs in the eyes, now is the time to introduce the world to that recipe that makes you a start in every family gathering. With the right business strategy and equipment, you can get a slice of this lucrative market.

Learn your target market

Market insiders project that the American cottage food sector will top the $20 billion mark, marking a four-fold increase from a decade ago. The need for delicious homemade food is the primary driver of this growth. Naturally, you need to know what the market craves for so that you can step in to fill the need. That means that you need to go beyond the small sample when testing the popularity of your recipes and products. If you’re a parent, that might entail taking a sample of your goodies to your kid’s school. You can have the parents try them out as you solicit for feedback.

While such an approach might seem laughable, it serves as a much-needed acid test that every successful product needs to pass. You might be surprised to have several parents ordering some of your products right off the bat. This can serve as the justification that you need to work on your business idea.

Adhere to health and safety regulations

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Given the far-reaching health implications that come with handling food products, you need to espouse the highest level of safety. This not only ensures that you don’t run afoul of the law and have them shut down your operations. Most importantly, it would amount to a great disservice to your consumers if you were to engage their health.

Many states are working toward amending the food regulations to allow the cottage food industry some breathing room. Following the set rules and best practices gives you the leeway to put your products the market without reservation. It can also help build consumer confidence in your brand of products, which is crucial to building a broad base of loyal customers.

Make sure that customers get value for their money

People are picky about where they spend their hard-earned money and are quick to notice instances where they are being shortchanged. Using an automatic filling machine ensures that you have consistent and reliable fills. Regardless of whether you’re handling batter or spaghetti sauce, you need to avoid discrepancies in measurements. Otherwise, your customers are likely to notice the difference, ruining any trust they have for your brand. In a competitive market, you will do well to hold on to all your customers as they are crucial to your success.

The cottage food industry in America is on the upswing buoyed by changing food preferences. With the right business approach and the right line of equipment, you can get a sizeable slice of this billion-dollar industry and grow your fortune.

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