Understanding Bail Bonds

Get the Right Info About Bail Bonds Through These 7 Things

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When someone is arrested for a crime, they have to stay in jail until they’re released on bail. Yes, criminal defendants do have rights and one of them is bail bonds. It’s a signed agreement by the defendant, stating that they’ll appear in court on a given date and time.

A bail bond is ordered by the court, and they will also be the one to set the amount. The release happens after a hearing, the date of which is not always set but it’s scheduled by the court. Here are some of the things you need to know about bail bonds, whether you live in Charlotte or any other part of NC:

Getting a Bail Bond

The bail agent has four options — get a bondsman, use cash for the bond amount, use a house or lot as sort of a collateral bond with the court, or be simply released as ordered by the judge.

Getting a Money Back

There’s usually no money-back guarantee, but there are a few exceptions like getting a refund once the bondsman does something that breaks the contract. Otherwise, if the defendant is sent to prison again or if they’re already out of custody, then the premium paid isn’t refundable anymore.

When a Defendant Won’t Show Up

There are instances when the defendant is a no-show. Still, there are things that can be done to address the situation. The bondsman must be contacted immediately and their options need to be discussed. Asking for a grace period is one of the options.

Leaving the State or the Country

There are instances when a defendant can’t leave the state or the country, but there are also times when they can go as long as permission is given by the bonding office. If the defendant insists on leaving, they could be arrested.

Bail Bonds and how they work

Bail Agent Discount Fees

Bail agent fees are subject to the statutes and regulations of every state. Each state’s charge may differ from one another. Bail companies can also lose their licenses once they agree to a discount fee. Look for bail companies that won’t mislead in terms of discounts.

About Bondsmen

There will be general costs for bondsmen depending on the location. Different collateral is accepted like real estate, cars, credit cards, bonds, jewelry, bank accounts, stocks, and personal credit.

Getting Re-arrested

The liability of the bail agent will be terminated if the defendant is taken into custody again. The bond needs to be surrendered. There’s one thing to note, though. Surrendering the bond means the premium paid won’t be given back. Two new bonds need to be posted if the defendant needs to get out of prison again.

Getting a defendant out of prison can be a tedious process, as there are guidelines that need to be followed. This is why many people see bail bonds as a savior while they await trial. It’s important for a bail agent and the defendant to work closely together and abide by the rules of the court to avoid mishaps.


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