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Fund Your Dreams with a House Sale

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Sometimes, you just can’t wait. When you know you deserve a promotion, you can talk to your supervisor about an evaluation. When you know she’s the one, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together before you pop the question. When you need to follow your dream job, you can’t wait around for your house to be sold.

How can I sell my house fast,” you ask? St. Louis residents have the following helpful choices:

As-is Buyers

There are real estate buyers who will pay cash for your house in its current condition. There is no need for you to do repairs and to wait around for an electrician to fix the wiring. Even if there are leaks or other damages in the house, you’ll get your money and not have to worry about the house ever again.

Real Estate Agents

Even if you have to move away already, you can entrust your house to real estate agents. They don’t need you to be present for every open house and the documents you need to sign can be faxed to you. You may also set a meeting to finalize the deal, especially if you’re just in another city or state. What if you have to move overseas? Talk to your lawyers about assigning a representative for the negotiations.


You don’t need to sell your house to move away. If you intend to go back and you want to keep ownership of the property, offer it up for rent while you are gone. This gives you a steady source of income as long as there are tenants. You can also change the rent price depending on the market, so you will not be worried about a very low rate that’s not earning you anything.

Wherever you’re going, your house does not need to hold you down. Choose the best way to have the house earning you money to fund your dreams.

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