Five Types of Construction Equipment and Their Uses

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A sure sign of urbanization is the presence of tall structures. Once you step out into the street, you immediately lay eyes on office buildings, malls, and high-rise condominiums that shoot up into the sky. They dominate the current landscape almost everywhere. The existence of these mega-structures and skyscrapers have been made possible with the use of heavy equipment.

Let us take a closer look at five of the most commonly used heavy machinery for construction.


This one is a bulky machine usually driven on tracks but can also be driven around on wheels. It consists of a long arm that ends in a claw-like bucket. This arm is attached to a cab that can do a full 360-degree turn. It is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can be fitted with a huge array of attachments. The machine can be used in a variety of activities such as excavating foundations, trenches, and holes, demolition, river dredging, landscaping, and heavy lifting.

Due to its multifunctionality, it is commonly used in both small and large construction projects. For those in New Zealand who are looking for excavators for sale, check out local manufacturers that provide equipment suitable for your construction needs.


This machine has a huge, flat metal plate at the front that can be adjusted in a short range of angles with the use of two hydraulic pistons. A bulldozer is an extremely powerful and bulky machine used for moving large masses of soil and dirt on a construction site. Aside from moving dirt, it can also be used in smashing or taking away huge boulders and rough or fine grading.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader

Most commonly known as a backhoe, it is a piece of construction equipment whose body looks like a tractor. It has a shovel at the front, which is adjustable. It also has a small bucket, affixed to a jointed arm at the back, for digging. It is a medium-sized machine that can be used for digging trenches and holes, lifting materials, and backfilling excavations.


This is an earthmoving piece of equipment usually mounted on wheels or tracks. It is used to dig narrow trenches that will be used for cabling, drainage, or piping. It has a conveyor system that deposits the excavated soil at the side of the trench. It also has a lot of types. These vary according to the depth of the trench to be dug and the toughness of the surface to be excavated.

Skid-steer Loader

This is a small machine that can spin on its axis. This feature makes it suitable for working on construction sites with limited space. It is also multifunctional. It is fitted with a huge range of attachments that enable it to do a lot of tasks, which include drilling holes, jack-hammering, digging, and snow blowing.

Aside from this, its wheels offer a firm grip when driven on a muddy and snowy surface. The tread pattern on the wheels also cause minimal impact on finished areas and bring about limited soil compaction.

These pieces of earthmoving equipment are used to build houses, hotels, and other spaces that we inhabit in everyday life. Without these tools, it would be difficult to create the architectural marvels and postmodern urban landscape that people have been accustomed to.

Now that you are familiar with some construction equipment, why not put your knowledge to the test? Next time you pass by a construction site, try to identify the machine currently on site.

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