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Finding the Right Welding Equipment

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If you want to get into welding, you are going to need the right equipment. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, proper equipment will ensure that you will get good results from your projects.

Fortunately, people have a wide range of choices when buying from a welding equipment company. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing your welding equipment.

The Welding That You Will Do

There are three types of welding machine and each has its own specialty. First, there are MIG welders. These are very popular mostly because of their affordability. A wire is fed into the MIG welding torch automatically, so you can use it with both hands. In addition, an inert gas is used to shield the weld, making it the most user-friendly welding machine.

The second type of welding machine is the TIG welder. This is ideal for clean welds that use tungsten electrode. TIG welding machines are very specialized and are not for beginners. If you are buying a new kit for your company, TIG welders would be a good pick if you have an experienced welder on the team.

Finally, there are stick welders. These are the most effective when it comes to fusing joints and alloys. They are not exactly efficient, but they are very cost-effective and can be very flexible.

The Metals You Will Work With

Generally, carbon steel is the main metal that welders work with. This is mostly because it can handle a lot of heat. Many novice welders work with carbon steel because it is more forgiving.

man welding aluminium bars

But you can also work with other metals, such as stainless steel. This is because it is used mainly for storing drinks and edible items because it does not rust. Fortunately, this metal works well with a variety of welding machines. It actually requires less amperage than carbon steel.

Aluminum is the other common metal that welders work with. However, this metal requires something more complex, which is why generally, TIG welding machines are necessary when you work with aluminum because of the need for constant heat.

Amperage Concerns

Amperage determines how powerful the welding machine will be. Most thick metals require high amperage for proper welding to happen. On the other hand, thin metals require minimal amperage. Depending on what metals you are working with, you will need to set the amperage of your welding machines.

Think About Gas Requirements

Another requirement that welding machines have is compressed gas. MIG and TIG machines use inert gases. The popular choices are oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide and you will need to have them compressed. Stick welding machines don’t require them. Your workplace may not have space or the equipment to handle gases, so this may decide which welding machine you would buy.

Welding is a difficult job and it will be easier if you have the right tools. That is why you need to remember the tips above. Once you buy the right equipment, you can be sure that your work will look good.

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