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Features That You Should Consider When Leasing Office Space

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Did you know that clients typically gather the first impressions of your company just by looking at your office address? That’s why you don’t spare any expense when choosing one for your business. The following are some of the most important questions that you should ask when looking at possible office spaces for lease.

Where Is It?

The location of your future office space in Paya Lebar is important both to your clients and employees. Will they be able to access it easily or will they be inconvenienced by the lack of accessibility from key transport hubs? The safety and security of the surrounding areas is also something to consider especially for prospective clients and partners who will be visiting your venue for the first time.

The area should also be safe and secure, with facilities such as parking spaces and appropriate lighting. Prospective clients and partners will be impressed with your choice, and your staff would be more productive.

How Big Is It?

Can the place comfortably and efficiently hold your employees, clients, while catering to the various activities in your office? And we’re not talking about just having enough space. You have to consider possible expansions and additional areas especially if you’re moving out from a smaller office space.

How Well Does It Support an Office?

With a large number of activities being carried out online these days, you have to ensure that a robust internet network is available. Also, check the venue’s capacity for electricity, heating, cooling and other required utilities.

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The area should have facilities and amenities that suit your needs, such as parking areas, the right number of elevators, wash rooms, and the proper placement of the wiring and plumbing. Check if they have the facilities for your digital needs and its provided utilities.

What are the Rental Conditions?

You should ask about the total cost of renting the space, and the other fees you need to include in the payment, such as commercial liability fees, lawyer fees, and possible tenant improvements. Check the terms and conditions of the contract, and the possible increments if the lease is renewed. Check the lease type so you could assess how much you would pay for a certain period.

How Does It Look?

Consider the style, layout and design that your future office space will adopt. If you have furniture that you plan to bring with you, reflect on how well it would go with the new space’s existing aesthetics. Also, remember that the whole building must mirror your company’s ideals if you intend to maximize the value of your space.

Office spaces can make an impact on your sales, productivity, and profits. Make sure it is a positive one that encourages your staff to be productive, enthusiastic and happy. Find a place that offers all of this, and choose one that meets your needs and budget. In Singapore, Paya Lebar is one of the bustling places in the city that businesses could find all of these and more.

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