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Factors Affecting Mortgage Rates

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When buying a home, homeowners are always concerned about the financial implications. Financing a mortgage is also a big deal for financial lenders. When taking out a mortgage, one of the financial terms that you will need to face is the interest rate. The interest rate on mortgage influences the overall cost of a home. On the lender’s side, the interest rate on a mortgage represents the risk that borrowers pose. However, you can be wondering what influences the mortgage rates in Utah. Here are some of the factors that influence the mortgage rates:

Housing Market

When there are developments in the real estate market, there is certainly an effect on the interest rates. The real estate market undergoes changes depending on the demand and supply of houses. Any change in the demand and supply of houses affects the mortgage rate. It is important for the buyer to consider the state of the housing market to get the best rates.

Monetary Policy

The central banking institution in the nation is the Federal Reserve. The authority makes key decisions regarding the economy. However, this regulatory authority does not have a direct relationship to setting the interest rates on mortgages. There is an indirect influence of this authority on the circulation of money in the country. An increase in the money circulation in the nation causes a decrease in the interest rates. As a result, the monetary policy actions of this regulatory affects the interest rates. Perfect timing of these monetary policies will help home buyers get favorable rates.

Economic Growth

When there is positive economic growth, it means that there is a high-income generation among the citizens of a nation. A stable economy causes homeowners to focus more on the mortgage market. This means that there is a boost in demand for mortgages. As a result, the mortgage rates become sky-high due to increased demand. The reverse is true: When there is slow economic growth, the rates decrease. Slow economic growth is usually characterized by a decrease in income and minimal spending. A decrease in the spending habits of a nation’s citizens does not encourage women to invest in the mortgage market.


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Many people have heard about inflation, but they do not understand what it is. Inflation refers to the change in the prices of products to a higher amount over a certain period. The hike in the prices affects the purchasing power of consumers across all the different levels of economy. Inflation decreases the profits that lenders can get from a mortgage deal. Therefore, the interest rates will be high to compensate for the decreased purchasing power. Increasing the mortgage rates helps protect the amount of returns lenders can get from the mortgage loan.

It is important to understand the multiple factors that play in determining the interest rates on a mortgage in Utah. For the borrower, you will get to make a better decision in taking out a mortgage. On the other hand, the lender gets to have a clear image on the riskiness of a borrower.

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