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Evolution of Emergency Lights in Law Enforcement

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Emergency lights in police vehicles have been very significant in letting people know that there is an ongoing situation that needs attention. Even before, lights have been a sign of urgency for people. We have been conditioned to be alert if we see emergency lights. Today, these lights on top of police cars together with the siren are useful and great indicators for emergency situations.

Is this kind of technology present before? What was its history and how did it evolve to what we currently have now? Let us take a look at the accounts of the beginning until the advancements made to improve the police emergency lights.

History of Emergency Lights

Decades ago, lights were not yet introduced to the law enforcers. In the 1990s, civilians and policemen had the same look of cars thus, people had a hard time distinguishing if there is an urgent matter. It was no big deal and a sense of urgency was not yet existent. Only in the 1930s, people started to place a signal light in red color to grab the attention of citizens. It was later improved with the invention of the spinning gumball type of light. In the 1960s, police lights were turned flat and parallel to the top of the vehicle. The blue light was also added to make it easier for people with color blindness to determine its meaning and implication. Eventually, other light colors were used for different kinds of emergencies.

Modernization of Emergency Lights

Today, we have what we call police light bars, which are enhanced and developed versions of the signal light in the 1990s. Due to the advancement in technology, these light bars are more efficient and visible for civilians. It is now in a light-emitting diode or LED source which is more convenient, reliable and efficient. Light bars can now be effortlessly placed on top of a vehicle. There are some which can be fitted in a bracket and some made in magnetic base. It goes with different sizes depending on the need of an enforcement group. These LED bars are built to go well with sirens or speakers which can intensify the attention of people and the kind of emergency situation. Installation of this is hassle-free and smooth. A police officer in a rush can quickly execute the light placement in just 3 seconds.

Advantages of LED Light Bars

LED bulbs on photovoltaics in the grass

There are a lot of advantages and benefits of having LED light bars, especially to law enforcement teams. Since LED conserves energy, use of this light only takes up a small amount of watts. It is economical and transferrable to other vehicles. Since the light beams are brighter and it can now flashlight 360 degrees, policemen use this handily and accessibly.

The progression of an emergency light in law enforcement has been positively accepted and is now widely used by officers all around the world. This warning signal may still grow and develop over time with the evolution of technology. LED light beams have been greatly helpful for the enforcers in creating a peaceful and prepared community. It is now the responsibility of the citizens to be observant and perceptive of these emergencies that follow the flashing light of police vehicles.

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